Chapter 1.4 – The Birds

Why hellooooo again! Welcome back to the ugly pool! I hope you’re ready to dive into another chapter that riddled with ugly and the occasional “cute” moment (although, those are super rare! lol) ANYWAY! Let’s get this party started!

*A/N* I am dead tired writing this, so don’t mind the commentary if it’s a little weird…

Here we have Bubba Jay cooing over his (currently normal looking) daughter, Annabelle, who joined the family in the last chapter

And here we have Bertha who was giving the unfortunate task of potty training Aaron. I’m sorry, Bertha, but someone had to do it.

Moar babies! (because I’m just asking for punishment lol)

That looks… unfortunate. Well, rather him than me, that’s what I always say!

And we have a nooboo on the way! Look out world!

Annabelle has been a super needy baby… I swear Aaron was NOT this bad…

Ms. Whale came back to visit us for a few days. While she was here, she helped Aaron learn how to play with blocks. Because of course, toddlers NEVER know how to play with toys unless an adult teaches them.

Annabelle finally because a toddler! So now she can be a walking annoyance! Yay!

Truth Bomb: *completely forgets what she was gonna write here… whoops*

Aaron is a little selfish kid and is now sad because he has to share his toys and bed until he ages up. As the oldest in my family, I relate to this.

Bertha Ms. Whale is hard at work writing those books (although, it looks like she’s browsing the web here so… idk)

With Annabelle sleeping in the toddler bed (she got to it first, I was hoping for a toddler version of Game of Thrones where they fight to the death for the bed, but to my disappointment, that isn’t an option) So Aaron got kicked to the couch.

But at least Daddy still enjoys playing with him! And look! He finally figured out that it’s more fun when you actually PICK UP the toddler instead of awkwardly spinning your arms though your body because picking up the kid is too much work.

And finally the time came for Aaron to move out of the toddler room and into his own child bedroom!

But first homework.

I’ve decided that it’ll be more fun for you guys if I show you the awesome CAS shots just to throw that ugly at you. He’s growing into his ugly more and more each time he ages up. I love it

What’s that? You wanted your own room? Oh well! Too bad for you, we didn’t have the money for that.

Ms. Whale is sleeping on the job. Dunno what job that is, but she’s sleeping on it.

Hot-headed sims drive me nuts. It takes him forever to stomp his way around the area.

All that stomping just to go scare some birds. I’ve never had that whim before, so I had to try it out lol

Ms. Whale decided that it was time to actually go to work rather than sleep on the job. Good girl! A+ for effort.

Baby time!!! (finally…)

Bubba Jay was at work, and since the money is too important at this stage, we went without him.

Bertha: But whyyyyy?! I need my Bubbs!

*side note* I almost put something else there instead of Bubbs, but it could definitely be taken in a dirty way, so I left it out…haaaa

Ummmm……Where’s the receptionist? Seems like an important job in the hospital to just not have someone working there… This is not a good sign.

Maybe they knew we were back and the ugly was just too much for them? Cuz I would totally understand that.

It’ll always crack me up that she sticks out of the operating table!

Welcome to the family, little Adrian!


8 thoughts on “Chapter 1.4 – The Birds

  1. Oh, the ugly. The ugly.

    Next generation, will you bring in a weird looking spouse again or let the heir/ess have his/her pick of the townies?


  2. Haha, I was looking for something to read and found your prettacy! TS4 is really good at breeding out genes early on from the ones I’ve read through, so I’m glad to see someone purposely make uggo sims to make it more challenging 😂


    1. Yeah, I realized that so I’m going to switch back and forth every generation between picking ugly and pretty heirs so that hopefully, they dont get pretty too fast


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