It’s that time again! It’s another Huckle heir poll!

This generation is a PRETTY generation! So remember, we’re voting for the sim who you think is the prettiest. So good luck with that one.

All the children with have the Vampire Family aspiration since they are all already vampires, so we’re just going to get that out of the way.

Also, they will all (along with their spouses) be going to university.

So the only thing at this point that makes them different are their traits and their looks (which is the most important thing in this legacy.)

ALSO! There is a poll over on boolprop as well if you want to vote for you favorite over there as well!

First up is CAELA HUCKLE.

Her traits are Ambitious, Self-Absorbed, and Squeamish.

Besides the mouth, she’s actually fairly decent looking.


His traits are Adventurous, Squeamish, and Active.

I think he’s the most normal looking and “pretty” of the family.

Which would make him my personal pick for heirship.


His traits are Unflirty (yikes), Genius, and Jealous (*sighs*)

Looks-wise, he’s definitely got the Bertha eyes. Which is a big (ha) turn off in a pretty heir lol

And then there’s CHRISTIAN HUCKLE

His traits are Paranoid, Proper, and Non-Committal (damn)

Looks: He’s ALL Huckle. Eyes and mouth. Possibly THE WORST choice for a pretty heir lol

2 thoughts on “Generation B Heir Poll

  1. Gah! I’m so sorry, the way this was set-up I voted for the wrong one! I meant to vote for Cian but voted for Christian. Not sure if you can make a note of that and change the results or not, but just thought I’d mention it in case you can.

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