Chapter 3.1 – Where Were We?

Hello! Wow, it’s been over a month since we visited the Huckles! As some of you may know, my dad was in an accident at the end of January. So I’ve been helping my mom take care of him and also have been helping with his physical therapy. So my sim time has really been cut down and I play when I can. Which is usually a little bit here and there. For example, I started taking photos for this chapter on February 27th lol. And since it’s been so long since I’ve even played this save, I had to reacquaint myself with the family. And I’m not gonna lie, I forgot that Bridget had just aged up and taken over. I thought we were still on Annabelle’s generation! It’s been too long!

I did remember that Ezra was still a teen though. But it’s his birthday too!

So we aged him up.

And we wasted no time in popping the question!

He said yes.

I got the notification that we joined the 50-mile-high club. And then I found these two canoodling in the rocket ship.

Back to Bridget, we eloped immediately lol

And here he is after moving in and getting a makeover! I thought his hair really suited him, so I left that and just changed his outfits.

He brings in three new traits: Dog Lover, Loner, and Lazy.

His current aspiration is Computer Whiz. But I have a different one in mind. And it requires something special.

It requires turning him into a vampire!

And then I changed his aspiration to Good Vampire. I figured if I was already doing a vampire aspiration this gen, I’d do another one just to get another one out of the way. There are a total of three, so we’ll have to do another vampire one at some point though.

Also, I forgot about our oops baby. So yeah. He’s still here

Victor needs to do a space mission as his daily task. So he’s back off to space.

Without Annabelle this time lol

Crap. Today is Harvestfest… But I wanna go to wooooork

There are so many damn gnomes that they are stuck. Looks like they are gnot going anywhere.

Praise be, I could still send him to work on the holiday!

Taking care of our meager garden lol

We needed vampire training in order to complete her current milestone. So we invited Caleb over and completed that!

Yeah… Not gonna happen Annabelle. Sorry.

I just remembered that Bridget is going to uni this generation. So I thought it would be nice for Ezra to go as well. Now he’s studying so that he gets good scholarships.

Brady adopted a kiddo with her girlfriend! I changed his name to Carter Huckle to keep with the naming theme.

That’s the one thing about MCCC, it doesn’t tell you which couple is adopting. So I had no idea this was Brandy. If I knew, I would have obviously named him as such when the pop up came up.

Now, Brandy and Emerson are not married. They must be girlfriends or something.

Harvestfest finally ends and so does Annabelle’s time with us. She managed to complete both her career and aspiration goals! She also completed THREE collections for us! The eggs, motivation posters, and the experimental food photos. She did not, however, max any skills. She was 26% away from maxing handiness… So I’ll hold a grudge against that for a while…

And she was laid to rest in the family mausoleum.

Shortly after that, cousin Brad aged up!

So we’re going to go flag him now!

So we flagged him!

Aaaand since Bridget was thirsty and there was a nice body full of plasma right there, we couldn’t resist.

And then his brother set the grill on fire. Way to go dumb ass.

AND THEN the game wouldn’t let me leave while there was a fire on the lot, so I had to put it out so we could go home.

To take his mind off the death of his love, Victor goes for a joy ride.

Ezra finally transitioned into a vampire!

And here’s his dark form! He’s not a crazy looking as Bridget lol

Bridget has spent so much time on the treadmill, that she’s unlocked an achievement!

Look at all the gnomes we have now! There are sooooo many!

I’m not gonna lie, I always forget about our oops baby. I even forgot his name and I had to look it up lol

For the record, it’s Bryce lol

Also, he still has a whole ELEVEN DAYS left before his birthday… He’s going to be around WAY too long… Not a fan.

But I really love risky woohoo because of the fun it throws at me lol

Ezra is at that section of his aspiration that requires him to go days without drinking. So we’re going to be here a while. Especially if my game glitches and doesn’t keep track of the days. I know I’ve seen that happen in other people’s games…

Victor somehow has fame so he gained a fame quirk. I sure you can guess which one… Yup it’s the emotion bomb one. So he’s in the middle of having an emotional meltdown because of Annabelle’s death.

Bridget maxed the Vampire Lore skill! (Surprise, surprise…) But still that’s something to add to our completed list!

University stuff! Ezra can apply for these scholarships!

Side Note: I have the realistic tuition and scholarship mods installed lol

And here are the ones that Bridget can apply for!

Ezra and Bridget had a vampire fight. Bridget won obviously lol

Victor is not impressed with the two of them.

So I bought a laptop the other day, so that I could play sims while outside of my room (give me more time to play while taking care of my dad) and in the process, I missed some things with MCCC. One of those happened to be the birth of Brooke and Mike’s son. I honestly didn’t even know they were expecting! lol Well, his name is currently Isaiah, but it will be renamed to Caleb (to fit the naming scheme) as soon as he becomes a toddler.

But anyway, welcome to the family, Caleb!

And we end this chapter with a shot of Victor drinking the youth potion. It’s Sunday and his next shift is Monday. And according to MCCC, he has one day left of life. And his work performance is “good” so we needed to give him a couple of extra days. So he better get this final promotion, otherwise I’m going to be pissed lol

Anyway! Join us next time for hopefully the start of some university fun! And STUDENT LOANS!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Carter Huckle. Brandy and Emerson’s kiddo

And here’s Bryn Huckle. Aaron and Yasmin’s youngest daughter. And YIKES. That is definitely her father’s mouth lol

And this is Burke Huckle. He’s Adrian and Melissa’s youngest.