Chapter 1.13 – Lovely Filler

Welcome back everybody! Annabelle is currently still SIX days away from aging up, so we’re going to speed through and get her going

Huh? I wonder where that new stairwell that is obviously headed down leads to?

It’s our new basement! Since one of my goals in this “legacy” is to complete all the collections, I needed some place to put them all! So here we are! Obviously, it’s empty right now, but it’ll fill up eventually. I’ll probably add another room or lower basement for the urns.

This plate of almond macaroons earned us a maxed gourmet cooking skill! Good for you Bubba Jay!

Today was obviously a Monday

And it’s love day! Here we go Annabelle!

So we invited over a “friend” for Annabelle to get close too!

I don’t want to get her started on her aspiration until she’s a young adult, so we’re just going to work on “friending” people



Future spouse material here folks

For your information, their lips never EVER touch.

And he looks absolutely TERRIFIED


*sigh* Here we see Bobblehead taking over for Aaron. This is why no one likes you and you got 0 votes

Bertha got a promotion! yay!!!

We added a little landscaping.

Ulterior motive: Spring Fling was coming up and I needed places to find eggs.

It’s so cute!

And I didn’t know that he glowed!

And we completed our first collection! 1 down, only 25 more to go!

I sold this. I was sick of everyone going out and using this stupid thing. Good riddance.

I did a little redecorating and re-arranging on the 1st floor. Moved the TV and added some more seating for viewing. Made a designated area for the toddler/children. I might switch that with the TV area, I’m not sure if I like the TV being over there… Anyway, the chess table, computer, and stereo got moved to where the TV used to be. And if you look closely, you can see a treadmill!

Bobblehead picked up a bad habit… You know you’re too young to be drinking…

Andrew: Who cares.

*A/N: I completely forgot Andrew’s name because all I call him Bobblehead… lol

Hey look! I found another teen!

I made a club! These are all the teens I could fit in it!

Hindsight, it was stupid to make it a teens only club without adding one of the Annabelle’s siblings… Annabelle got kicked out the minute she aged up lol whoops

Speaking of aging up, it was finally time!

Welcome to heirdom, Annabelle!

Chapter 1.12 – And The Winner Is…

Welcome back! I know… It’s been a while since we updated with The Huckles. But I ran into a problem with the heir poll. We had a tie! So I left it open another week to help and we finally have a winner!

And so! By ONE point, our heir is!
























































Annabelle! Needless to say, I was SUPER surprised to see that she got so many votes! But I’ve never ever done her aspiration, so this should be pretty awesome!

Vote Breakdown:

  1. Annabelle – 1st
    • Votes on Boolprop: 3
    • Votes on Blog: 10
    • Total: 13
  2. Addison -2nd
    • Votes on Boolprop: 3
    • Votes on Blog: 9
    • Total: 12
  3. Adrian – 3rd
    • Votes on Boolprop: 4
    • Votes on Blog: 4
    • Total: 8
  4. Aaron – 4th
    • Votes on Boolprop: 0
    • Votes on Blog: 7
    • Total: 7
  5. Abigail – 5th
    • Votes on Boolprop: 0
    • Votes on Blog: 2
    • Total: 2
  6. Bobblehead Andrew – 6th
    • Votes on Boolprop: 0
    • Votes on Blog: 0
    • Total: 0

I like how Addison and Abigail are twins, but Addison got a whole 10 more votes then her. You guys are awesome! You knew I preferred Addison’s aspiration since we just did Abigail’s!

I’m surprised that Aaron got as many votes as he did. You guys really surprised me with this vote.

Not surprising though, was Bobblehead coming in last. I’m not gonna miss that kid when he moves out!


Now that Aaron is officially not the heir, we can kick him out!

Adios! Enjoy the outside world of normal looking sims!

Oh my goodness guys! Look at how pretty Brindleton Bay is during the winter! Everything looks so beautiful covered in snow!

We did a thing! As I took that pic of Aaron leaving, I realized that our house was in DIRE need of updating… And with over $20,000 sitting in the bank, it was time… So we finally added windows, updated the doors, added front and back porches, a roof, aaaaaaaand…

We added flooring and wallpaper/paint in the whole house! Look at all that color!

On a side note: I really like the way that this house looks. It may be a square, but the rooms are so puzzled together that I don’t even notice lol. Future plans include re-arranging a couple of rooms upstairs to make the grandparent suite, adding a basement for all the collection stuff, and updating the yard with outdoor stuff like a pool and a jungle gym, and the mausoleum. Not sure if I want that in the backyard or in a basement. Time will tell.

Gawd, I’m glad he didn’t win… I think I would have died if you guys chose him lol

Bubba Jay is wasting his time shoveling snow in the back of the house.

Is it just me, or is this interaction completely stupid?

Gurl… Who grills in the winter? Apparently this family does. More on that later

I decided that it was time for Bubba Jay to have a real bar. So we upgraded!

“No don’t take a picture! I’m so ugly!”

I’m aware. That’s the whole point of this challenge!

Ugly sibling love!

Oh. My. God. What did you guys do!? You realize this is the heir for the “pretty” generation, right?

Homework Session! Weird that they never had one of these when Aaron was around. He must have been the ugly (ha) duck.

Finally decided it was time for sprinklers. I can’t believe I went this long without them. But seriously, all the kids cook/grill. EVERYDAY. I’m surprised I haven’t had a fire yet!

As our heir’s aspiration is Serial Romantic, I figured it was time to send her around to meet boys and girls her age for future boyfriends and girlfriends.

Unfortunately, our game is lacking in teens. He’s the only one. So I went into CAS and made a couple of families to added to the teen population so that, not only does she have people to meet, but also her siblings!

Aaron invited us over. I accepted just so that we could see his house.

And here it is! Definitely not something he can afford. Typical. I love the mailbox though!

You know what they say! The family that bathes together, stays together!

Wait, they don’t say that? Well that explains a lot!

Please, Annabelle, don’t associate with the Bobblehead.

“But he’s my brother!”

I don’t care.

Gosh she looks so proud of that lol

Am I the only one disappointed by the “snowpals”? Seriously, WTF was EA thinking? What was wrong with regular snowmen? This looks like something my 3 year old nephew would make.

Just a friendly reminder that Bubba Jay helped produce that bobblehead there.

Bubba Jay is currently at level 9 of the parenting skill and the gourmet cooking skill. So hopefully we’ll get those maxed. I don’t think he’ll be maxing the mixology skill though… He’s only at level 4

Bertha is also a level 9 in the parenting skill. Her next closest is a few level 3 skills. So she probably won’t be making anything else for us.

And since I’m not finding a decent stopping point, we’re going to stop here with Bubba Jay’s recent promotion. High-fives for Bubba Jay!

Annabelle still has 6 days before her young adult birthday, so we have for sure one chapter of filler coming, maybe 2. We’ll see.


Chapter 1.11 – Winterfest and Heir Poll

*note* This is a VERY short chapter (by my standards…) but we have a few birthdays and it’s time for the heir poll! Good luck with that guys… lol

We start this thrilling chapter off with a broken TV… Please don’t die.

It’s Winterfest! I’m determined to make sure everyone has a successful holiday… even if it kills me

But before that… we had to fix the fridge…

Family dinner! ……. at 8:30 in the morning……

Just to make sure you get to see allllllllll the glory here

Round one of the gifts! Poor Bubba Jay got shit. Literally.

Sibling bonding!

Also, Andrew is sick. At first I thought he was hot and then I was gonna yell at him for wearing his winter clothes in the house, but then I looked and it said he was sick…

Father Winter replenished our gifts! So we’re off for round 2!

Yay! Nobody got poop this time!

And of course Aaron had to break the dollhouse and upset Mr. Winter. Let’s see if it affected his gift.


Nope. No coal for Aaron. Damn

But it was time for birthdays!

Still as ugly as ever.

Andrew was next!



I’m so nervous about this… Abigail went next

Not quite as bad.

Dat nose doe

And finally, Addison.


I see Bertha’s nose was SUPER potent this generation… Yikes.

And with that… head on over HERE and vote in the heir poll!

Chapter 1.10 – Accomplishments

Look guys! It’s so nice to see that our dollhouse is still standing! I’m hoping to go a whole chapter without someone *cough* Aaron *cough* destroying it.

And since some dumb idiot took a piece of the last cake before I could pop candles back on it.

I actually made at least 5 cakes so that I can mix it up a bit every time. Also, I’d like to collect one of each type of cake. Which means we’ll need bees so that I can get the honey cake…

Yay! That’s one skill I can cross off the list! Good work, Bubba Jay! Now he’s gonna work on that Gourmet cooking skill

And then Bertha had to go and one-up him! lol! So that’s the writing skill and best selling author aspiration complete!

Bertha’s next skill to try and max is the parenting skill. Because you with think with 6 kids it would be higher than 7…

It was neighborhood brawl day!

Interesting that children can participate in that… Not sure how I feel about that… lol

“It’s raining it’s pouring…”

No. No it’s not. You are INSIDE YOU NITWIT!

Bubba Jay… That. Is. Disgusting.

“It’s clean water.”

You can’t eat in the bathroom!

“Oh this? That’s just a snack.”


I had to capture this moment. HALLELUJAH!

This promotion lead too…

A completed aspiration! Another one to cross off the list!

I updated all the toilets in the house to the unbreakable one. (finally) So no more leaky toilets! I also upgraded all the showers to the one with the best stats. Also: Why is there no unbreakable shower? That’s really annoying. :/

Wrote the book of life and then bound Bubba Jay to it! I’m a little disappointed that other sims can’t bind to the book of life. I would have loved one for Bertha…

It must be a monday night! Homework and school projects for all!

Adrian actually completed an excellent project! That’s rare for this family

And then it was his birthday!

Oh myyyyyyy…..

Looks fairly “normal” here.

THEN BAM! Bertha’s nose hits you like a ton of bricks! His ears are also on the bigger side, they just don’t stick out like Bertha’s.

He’s attractive. /sarcasm


They literally ran from through the house and then stood there.


Awe, poor Bubba Jay. Work is hard

DAMN IT KID! We were soooo close too!

And neither of his parents were around to punish him, so he got away with it.


Abigale has it hard. Poor kid

Birthday! I aged her up early. Bubba Jay’s about halfway through is Adult life bar and Bertha still had 4 days before her actual birthday. I didn’t want to wait. lol

So here she is, post makeover!

Join us next time for Winterfest, Aaron’s birthday, the triplet’s birthday, and an heir poll!

Chapter 1.9 – Them Ugly Holidayz

Started right where we left off, with all the kids crying about the broken dollhouse.

It’s really pathetic.

So Bubba Jay needs to host a stupid party for his aspiration. I hate hosting any parties. I usually think they’re a waste of time.

And since nobody knows anyone outside of the family, the only guests at the party were the rest of the family lol

But it was literally the easiest party that I’ve ever had lol

whomp whomp.

It’s spooky day!

Of course Bubba Jay had to dress up like death.

How fitting

I’ll give you one guess as to which pumpkin belongs to Aaron.

The other two are Bertha and Bubba Jay’s hahahaha

Project day! Only Aaron, Andrew, and Abigail actually finished theirs.

Annabelle, Aiden, and Addison all finished theirs the day after.

I really need to start upgrading the kitchen appliances. These are really starting to drive me nuts hahaha

This damn kid. Yeah, I caught you in the act, buddy!

“I didn’t do it…”


You’re grounded mister! No TV for you!

I just now noticed that Bertha clips through the bed… Or maybe I did notice and said something, but forgot. But anyway, I’m documenting it now just in case! lol

Upgraded the stove and fridge in the kitchen and finished getting the showers/sinks/tubs for the bathrooms upstairs. Now they aren’t all fighting for the one downstairs.

DAMN IT KID! And he did it for a third time after this. For the next few days, he ended up grounded from the TV, the Computer, and music.


It’s Annabelle’s birthday!

okay, fair warning, there’s gonna be a LOT of ugly coming at your screen in a minute… be prepared….
























Are you prepared?




















Last warning…





















1st off, you can see her teeth though her bottom lip… and 2nd off, I STRUGGLED to find a hair for her since her head is sooooooo narrow and her eyes are so big. It was an issue lol.

She didn’t break your screens right?


Look at Bubba Jay helping an invisible girl with her homework while she’s sleeping. There’s so much wrong with this picture…

It’s harvestfest day and as you can see Annabelle did not appease the gnome.

Family dinner! This will only ever happen on holidays…

The holiday is over and look at all the gifts we were left! I’ve put them all in the family inventory to save them for when we get to the gardening stuff.

And we’re going to end with our newly formed gnome army! It’s like pokemon! You gotta catch them all!

Anyway, we’ll see you next time! Toodles!

Chapter 1.8 – I Can’t Even…

Welcome back to the ugly! Hopefully your screens are fully re-enforced for all the ugly you’re about to see!

Anyway! We begin this chapter with Adrian throwing some major shade at Annabelle. Cool it, kid. She ain’t done nothin’ to you.

Little Abigail is modeling our new umbrella stand and the thunderstorm that comes with it! Or I guess, it’s the thunderstorm and the umbrellas that come with it.

This is the first save where the lightning has left us a little gift! (We actually had lots of thunderstorms in this chapter and we were left lots of gifts lol)

Bertha is modeling the new “shower in the rain” interaction. In hindsight, it was a really bad idea to test this out while it was storming out. She could have died…

I don’t think I’d be ready for that at the moment

And then this happened on her way back inside the house.

Way to go, dummy.

“How am I supposed to write with a broken computer?”

You literally just broke it. You can fix it.

“This shouldn’t have happened at all!”

Well, you’re poor AF so you can’t afford a good computer. Deal with it.

You… Are an idiot. I just can’t with you any more. Thank gawd this is a pretty generation, so you have NO chance of winning heirship. I would die.

Birthday time! Andrew first!

He’s a bobble head. Big head and little body.

And then went Abigail!

She’s like a mini-Bertha. Yikes

And then Addison!

She’s like an identical triplet to Abigail. Andrew has a smaller mouth then the girls though.

Promotion! Good for you, Bertha!

Ugh. And this isn’t even a clipping issue. She’s just stupid. Bertha, that’s a wall.

“What? No it’s not. It’s a perfectly good place to stand.”


And not to be left behind, Bubba Jay got a promotion!

Oh no. I hope this doesn’t mean that there’s an outbreak on the way. It takes weeks to get rid of an “infestation.”

Did a major expansion to the upstairs. Now each of the kids has their own bedroom and the “start” of their own bathrooms! (by the end of the play session they each did have their own toilet.)

So I’ve added a couple new holidays. Spooky Day (Which I’m surprised wasn’t included in the calendar in the first place since there was a whole stuff pack devoted to the day… but whatever), Springfest (the obvious Easter holiday), and Summerfest (because Summer was sorely lacking in the holiday department). And as I just re-read thought some the of the legacy rules and I saw they added a remembrance day and a founder’s day. According to the rules they’re supposed to happen on the day the legacy was founded and the day the founder dies. Well since we have two founders and the chances they die on the same day are slim, I’m just going to put it in summer. And since seasons didn’t exist when I started this, I’m just gonna say we started in summer (because technically we did lol) So the founder’s day is gonna be a big Huckle’s reunion once sims start leaving the house. 🙂

And we end this chapter with the hoard of crying children. Aaron broke the doll house in a fit of rage which of course drew out a sea of children who just bawled… Wonderful. Thanks Aaron…

Join us next time for another wonderfully ugly chapter of the Huckles!

Chapter 1.7 – Yikes

Welcome back to The Huckles! As you can see, there’s nothing really happening right now. Bertha and Bubba Jay are at work and all the toddlers are at daycare. But I has a question. Why, if all the toddlers are at daycare, does Aaron have the smelly diaper moodlet? As you can see there’s a toddler shadow there, so maybe it’s a residual smell? No idea, but it’s weird.

Annabelle is playing some chess! It looks like she’s concentrating really hard too.

Every. Single. Toddler. Is. Dirty. As. Hell.

Seriously, Bertha spent so many hours getting them all cleaned up.

GUYS! We have a new TV! You can actually see the screen!

And we got another couch! As a family of 8, more seating was necessary lol.

So I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but one of my goals for this legacy is to top every career (both branches) by generation z. But as it stands, there are currently 37 careers, including the professions from GTW, the gardening career from Seasons, and teen careers. And (as a personal rule) since only the current heir and spouse can complete them, that means there are only enough for 18.5 generations.

So to have goals for the rest of those generations, I’ve decided to also complete all the aspirations in the game as well. So these two are getting started on that. I’m not confident that they’ll finish since, with the Whiz kid aspiration that they both have, they need to read with an adult for 2 hours and Bertha and Bubba Jay are always busy with work or the toddlers. But we have plenty of time to complete them!

WHEW! That was a lot of info!

This is the downside for having the same aspiration as her brother. Arguments are an undeniable part of having siblings.

So she went to vent her frustrations on the stuffed animal…

While Aaron vents his frustrations out on the doll house. We are a violent family, obviously.

Bertha had a spare minute before passing out that she got in an hour of reading with Annabelle.

And then the watcher said, “Let there be light!” Now we can see all the ugly in all it’s glory.

Poor Adrian had a birthday. And bad watcher forgot alllllll about it.

He looks fairly normal from the front. Just really big droopy eyes.

A little less normal from the side. His forhead really protrudes.

Aaron is working on his school project.

Notice Annabelle has abandoned her project. Slacker.

That awkward moment when your toddler’s head is bigger than yours. #huckles

Bubba Jay had a birthday!

And he got a makeover!

Still ugly though.

Another bathroom! The old bathroom is now officially the master bathroom and is only accessible from the master bedroom. We also splurged and bought a nice tube for our founders. They’ve been working really hard, they deserved it.

And it’s Aaron’s birthday! (I didn’t forget this one!)

We officially have a teen in the family.

I think that’s supposed to be a sexy smirk, but it is not a good look for him…


Aaron: Hey!

Sorry, but it’s true.


Aaron: *glares*

And that’s it for this chapter! I don’t want to break your computer screens with too much ugly at once! See you next time!

Chapter 1.6 – No More Babies

Hello Hello Hello! Welcome back to the Huckles everyone! Our favorite ugly family is at it again. And of course, you can’t wait to read all about them, so let get started!

Well, we just got back from the hospital, where if you remember, we had triplets. Ugh.

Yeah. I’m NOT a fan. But here we have Andrew on the left, Abigail in the middle, and Addison on the right. I’m soooooo not prepared.

Yeah. I feel the exact same way, Aaron. The exact same.

Annabelle made a stinky and a mess. Just what I need after the arrival of triplets.

And then there’s Adrian whose just hanging out at the edge of the lot. Weirdo.

I did it! I told you guys I was going to make the kitchen bigger! Well, here we go! It’s not completely finished, I want a back door in there, but without anything back there at the moment, there’s no reason for one right now.


That cheekbone though

Besides the cheekbone, she looks fairly normal.

Uhhhhh, does this count as cheating? Sure feels like cheating lol


And then we had a triplet birthday!

Mr. Chubberz Andrew



And here we see Bertha and Bubba Jay getting some much needed sleep after a loooong couple of days with the infants.

This is my face right now. Just give the kid a damn bath!

Uh Huh. I found the kids’ hiding spot. This is where they go to make their messes. Behind the house, where I can’t see it.

No, we’re NOT trying for more babies. They both have low fun, and this is the fastest way to build fun. So we got that fixed.

Brownie points for this kid! Cleaning up his sister’s mess. Or maybe it was his. Either way. Brownie points.

House update! WE HAVE WALLS PEOPLE! And a really boxy house. We’ll try to fix that later.

Join us next time for hopefully another triplet birthday because I’m sick of the toddler thing…

Chapter 1.5 – I’m Gonna Need Help

Hello there dear readers! I’m glad you’re back and ready for more ugly! If you remember, Aaron and Annabelle both had birthdays and we welcomed Adrian to the family! But enough about last chapter! Let’s move onto this chapter, shall we?

We begin with Bertha and her broken computer. She’s been a writing fiend and it broke… Whoops

Aaron has just finished his homework! Such a good kid!

Annabelle is babbling away with the stuffed kitty. Sorta like when I hold conversations with my puppy. Wait, you don’t do that? It’s just me? Oh…

And here’s little Adrian, sleeping away. Which is what I wish I was doing lol

And now Bubba Jay is home from work! Everybody say “Hi Bubba Jay!”

lol, Aaron looks like a waddling duck when he does his potty walk!

Because I love the ugly so much (and because I’m a glutton for punishment…) we’re trying for another baby!

Confetti means only one thing! We were successful! We have a baby on the way!

Aaron was not a fan of his little brother. Tough nuggets buddy!

Annabelle’s doing some skilling! You know… She kinda adorable for this ugly family. Are you sure she wasn’t adopted?

Yes, I’m positive.

Oh. Okay then.

House update! Lots of stuff to cover here. Lets start with the…

Master bedroom: Made it bigger. Also added a specified area for babies. Moved the door

“Master” bathroom: made it bigger and moved the door

Toddler room: downsized

Aaron’s room: completely new

2nd Bathroom: completely new

Kitchen: added new counter tops and bar seating. I’m not a huge fan of this layout and I’m sure that I’ll change at some point.

Bertha: *gasp* It’s so ugly!

Aaron: MOM!

Bertha *shocked* He’s one of MINE!?

*facepalm* He is. And you have no room to talk. You are even MORE ugly. Look, your arms go right though your boobs.

Oooooh! I forgot to mention that BOTH bathrooms have the unbreakable toilet! I feel so accomplished lol

Miss Whale made grilled cheese. I thought about giving her the grilled cheese aspiration, but…… naaaaahhhh

This little guy is Adrian! As you can see, he had a birthday!

And here are his CAS pics! Interesting lol

I’m hoping to have a room and/or basement with all the kids’ pictures and birth certificates! *crosses fingers that I don’t ever forget! lol*

Miss Whale is HUGE! There better not be twins in there! lol I’m sick of multiples

Both Bubba Jay and Bertha got promoted! You guys are awesome!

Bertha’s baby bump is so big that it’s clipping into the new chess table lol.

And Aaron’s duck face is super noticeable here

School project time! Thank goodness. He’s really annoying, he follows Bertha around all the time

Bertha? That’s maybe not a good place to pass out…

It’s baby time!

And Bertha didn’t react at ALL to the labor pains… She’s so weird.

I can’t get over how BIG she is! lol

Or the fact that she doesn’t even fit into the operating table! It cracks me up EVERY TIME


Well, they wouldn’t take them back, so we had to bring them home. From left to right we have Andrew, Abigail, and Addison.

Triplets… My game fuckin’ hates me. I’ve had twins or triplets in EVERY one of my stories. And only one of my saves have the fertility trait and the ley line lot trait. Not gonna lie, I almost cheated for a single…

Well, anyway. Join us next time for the nightmare that is ugly triplets!

Chapter 1.4 – The Birds

Why hellooooo again! Welcome back to the ugly pool! I hope you’re ready to dive into another chapter that riddled with ugly and the occasional “cute” moment (although, those are super rare! lol) ANYWAY! Let’s get this party started!

*A/N* I am dead tired writing this, so don’t mind the commentary if it’s a little weird…

Here we have Bubba Jay cooing over his (currently normal looking) daughter, Annabelle, who joined the family in the last chapter

And here we have Bertha who was giving the unfortunate task of potty training Aaron. I’m sorry, Bertha, but someone had to do it.

Moar babies! (because I’m just asking for punishment lol)

That looks… unfortunate. Well, rather him than me, that’s what I always say!

And we have a nooboo on the way! Look out world!

Annabelle has been a super needy baby… I swear Aaron was NOT this bad…

Ms. Whale came back to visit us for a few days. While she was here, she helped Aaron learn how to play with blocks. Because of course, toddlers NEVER know how to play with toys unless an adult teaches them.

Annabelle finally because a toddler! So now she can be a walking annoyance! Yay!

Truth Bomb: *completely forgets what she was gonna write here… whoops*

Aaron is a little selfish kid and is now sad because he has to share his toys and bed until he ages up. As the oldest in my family, I relate to this.

Bertha Ms. Whale is hard at work writing those books (although, it looks like she’s browsing the web here so… idk)

With Annabelle sleeping in the toddler bed (she got to it first, I was hoping for a toddler version of Game of Thrones where they fight to the death for the bed, but to my disappointment, that isn’t an option) So Aaron got kicked to the couch.

But at least Daddy still enjoys playing with him! And look! He finally figured out that it’s more fun when you actually PICK UP the toddler instead of awkwardly spinning your arms though your body because picking up the kid is too much work.

And finally the time came for Aaron to move out of the toddler room and into his own child bedroom!

But first homework.

I’ve decided that it’ll be more fun for you guys if I show you the awesome CAS shots just to throw that ugly at you. He’s growing into his ugly more and more each time he ages up. I love it

What’s that? You wanted your own room? Oh well! Too bad for you, we didn’t have the money for that.

Ms. Whale is sleeping on the job. Dunno what job that is, but she’s sleeping on it.

Hot-headed sims drive me nuts. It takes him forever to stomp his way around the area.

All that stomping just to go scare some birds. I’ve never had that whim before, so I had to try it out lol

Ms. Whale decided that it was time to actually go to work rather than sleep on the job. Good girl! A+ for effort.

Baby time!!! (finally…)

Bubba Jay was at work, and since the money is too important at this stage, we went without him.

Bertha: But whyyyyy?! I need my Bubbs!

*side note* I almost put something else there instead of Bubbs, but it could definitely be taken in a dirty way, so I left it out…haaaa

Ummmm……Where’s the receptionist? Seems like an important job in the hospital to just not have someone working there… This is not a good sign.

Maybe they knew we were back and the ugly was just too much for them? Cuz I would totally understand that.

It’ll always crack me up that she sticks out of the operating table!

Welcome to the family, little Adrian!