Chapter 1.4 – The Birds

Why hellooooo again! Welcome back to the ugly pool! I hope you’re ready to dive into another chapter that riddled with ugly and the occasional “cute” moment (although, those are super rare! lol) ANYWAY! Let’s get this party started!

*A/N* I am dead tired writing this, so don’t mind the commentary if it’s a little weird…

Here we have Bubba Jay cooing over his (currently normal looking) daughter, Annabelle, who joined the family in the last chapter

And here we have Bertha who was giving the unfortunate task of potty training Aaron. I’m sorry, Bertha, but someone had to do it.

Moar babies! (because I’m just asking for punishment lol)

That looks… unfortunate. Well, rather him than me, that’s what I always say!

And we have a nooboo on the way! Look out world!

Annabelle has been a super needy baby… I swear Aaron was NOT this bad…

Ms. Whale came back to visit us for a few days. While she was here, she helped Aaron learn how to play with blocks. Because of course, toddlers NEVER know how to play with toys unless an adult teaches them.

Annabelle finally because a toddler! So now she can be a walking annoyance! Yay!

Truth Bomb: *completely forgets what she was gonna write here… whoops*

Aaron is a little selfish kid and is now sad because he has to share his toys and bed until he ages up. As the oldest in my family, I relate to this.

Bertha Ms. Whale is hard at work writing those books (although, it looks like she’s browsing the web here so… idk)

With Annabelle sleeping in the toddler bed (she got to it first, I was hoping for a toddler version of Game of Thrones where they fight to the death for the bed, but to my disappointment, that isn’t an option) So Aaron got kicked to the couch.

But at least Daddy still enjoys playing with him! And look! He finally figured out that it’s more fun when you actually PICK UP the toddler instead of awkwardly spinning your arms though your body because picking up the kid is too much work.

And finally the time came for Aaron to move out of the toddler room and into his own child bedroom!

But first homework.

I’ve decided that it’ll be more fun for you guys if I show you the awesome CAS shots just to throw that ugly at you. He’s growing into his ugly more and more each time he ages up. I love it

What’s that? You wanted your own room? Oh well! Too bad for you, we didn’t have the money for that.

Ms. Whale is sleeping on the job. Dunno what job that is, but she’s sleeping on it.

Hot-headed sims drive me nuts. It takes him forever to stomp his way around the area.

All that stomping just to go scare some birds. I’ve never had that whim before, so I had to try it out lol

Ms. Whale decided that it was time to actually go to work rather than sleep on the job. Good girl! A+ for effort.

Baby time!!! (finally…)

Bubba Jay was at work, and since the money is too important at this stage, we went without him.

Bertha: But whyyyyy?! I need my Bubbs!

*side note* I almost put something else there instead of Bubbs, but it could definitely be taken in a dirty way, so I left it out…haaaa

Ummmm……Where’s the receptionist? Seems like an important job in the hospital to just not have someone working there… This is not a good sign.

Maybe they knew we were back and the ugly was just too much for them? Cuz I would totally understand that.

It’ll always crack me up that she sticks out of the operating table!

Welcome to the family, little Adrian!


Chapter 1.3 – Money Problems

Hello, hello again! Glad to see that Bubba Jay and Bertha didn’t scare you off right away! And now little Aaron is getting in on that ugly action! Let’s see how the family fares in this chapter!

Obviously, this is a very smart place to take a nap. But hey, it’s Bubba Jay.

Bertha spends her time productively and cleans up. (And then I realized I should have used the HoG to move them into the trashcan and earn money from them but oh well)

And Aaron is working on some communication skillz with the kitty

And she’s off to work! Go earn that living, Bertha! We need a house!

Not-So-Cute toddler does something not-so-cute…

Aaaaand he likes to make messes… Ugh.

Why, yes. They are doing EXACTLY what you think they are doing. What can I say? I like big families.

lolololololol! Her eyes don’t even close all the way! I never noticed that!

Baby incoming! Prepare your computer screens!

She didn’t have any morning sickness when she was pregnant with Aaron. So sorry, Bertha.

Someone really likes his bar… Do NOT become like Adam in my ISBI… I do not need another alcoholic sim.

Bertha broke the computer AND the kitchen sink… She’s so special.

Ummmmmm… I don’t think that’s how it works… That looks pretty painful.

Bubba Jay did all the motions like he was playing with Aaron, but all Aaron did was just stand there making that face… The glitch goblins strike again!

House update! We got a TV and a couch! And there’s also a wall for the kitchen back there. We ran out of money just before we could finish it.

See? It left us with 0 simoleons.

And here we see Bertha running away from the scene of her crime. Go back there and fix it, young lady!

Bertha: But I’m tired…

Too bad!

Bubba Jay got a promotion!

And so did Bertha!

And we used that bonus money to build Aaron his own room!

Baby time! And just in time too, look at all that clipping! How does she live?

Ummmm. If you look at the pic before this, you can see that we only have $1… So no way are we gonna be able to afford that…

Obligatory freak out!

Welcome to the ugly, Annabelle!

She does NOT look happy about it…

Chapter 1.2 – All The Promotions

Hello there! I see you’re back to see more ugly. If you remember from last time, there was a lot of ugly. And guess what? We have even more ugly in this chapter with a nooboo on the way! So let’s get started!

They finally decided that it was time to clean up all their dirty dishes that they were leaving all around the place.

Look at all that clipping going on here! But at least it doesn’t stop her from doing her writing!

…Don’t judge. It’s really the only way to pass the time. Plus it helps their fun so…

Bubba Jay got a promotion! Woohoo!

Makeway! There’s a whale coming through!

Here’s Bubba Jay getting to work with our new bar! Hopefully they don’t turn into alcoholics like Adam did in my ISBI…

And look! Bertha got a promotion too!

And here we have TBDTITL!! The Best Damn Trashcan In The Land! Now we can make money with our trash!

It’s baby time people!

Obligatory freakout pic! Also, she’s sooooo big!


Welcome to the ugly family, Aaron! I’m sure he’s crying because his leg is currently stuck in his mother’s boob. That’s gotta be uncomfortable.

He looks so…normal. Not Bubba Jay, I’m talking about Aaron. Don’t worry, Aaron, you’ll fit into the family. No worries!

Bertha finally came home from work and we can finally pay the bills… money troubles *le sigh*

Bubba Jay got another promotion!

And then Bertha got another promotion! These guys are killing it!

With all the bonus money, we were able to build a bedroom! And we bought a new bed for Bertha and Bubba Jay!

Bertha randomly spun into her hospital gown… it was really weird. And it’s not the first time that she’s done it either… This has never happened in my games before lol

Aaron aged up so we had to buy all the toddler stuff! (Don’t mind Bertha and Bubba Jay cleaning up…)

Here’s little baby Aaron all grown up! Read about the fiasco with him growing up below.

So Aaron originally had his birthday, then he glitched. He wouldn’t leave Bubba Jay’s arms, but he wasn’t registered as being picked up.  And he also turned into a face one, which has never happened to me before. It was weird. And then when I went into CAS to try and fix it, he appeared as a baby and I couldn’t change him. I was annoyed, so I left CAS determined to age him up again and get this fix, only to find HE HADN’T BEEN BORN YET! The game had gone back in time to when Bertha was in labor. I was pissssssed! So I had to replay the last two days all over again. *eye roll* but we’re back on track now and hope this won’t happen when I play the game next lol

Chapter 1.1 – Bring On The Ugly

I know what you’re thinking… Mojo’s done it again! She’s back at it again with another challenge! And you would be right! This is a resurrection of one of my FAVORITE families that I played in TS3, The Hicks! It followed Bubba Jay and Bertha Hicks’ Journey to beauty. In this story it’s pretty much the same, except for one tiny detail, I changed their last name to Huckle! So let’s wrap up this introduction and get this prettacy started!

Ahhh! The joys of a fresh new save! And a new challenge! In case you missed it, The Huckles is a Prettacy, where the goal is to marry pretty sims and have pretty offspring. I’m also planning on doing it as an alphabetcy. So, like the TS3 version I did, we’ll jump back and forth every couple of generations picking pretty and then ugly heirs so that we don’t finish the challenge in generation 4 and then are bored for the next 22 generations.

And obviously, per legacy rules, we bought the knight to knock our funds to practically zero. We shall meet him again, when we can actually afford him. So it’s only good-bye for a little while!

As you can see, the knight didn’t leave us with very much. And we are officially broke! I have no idea what we’re going to do for food… since we couldn’t even afford a cooler. Huh. Maybe I should have skipped the sink and got a cooler instead. #hindsight

Okay. Are you sure you want to see them? I’m not responsible for what happens to your devices when you do! It might not be a coincidence that my computer crashed the day after I created them!

You still want to see them?











Meet Bertha and Bubba Jay Huckle! Let’s take a close up look at their facial features in CAS shall we?

Here’s Mr. Bubba Jay. When making him, I moved all the features to the smallest position, inward and upward. And MAN is he interesting looking!

Bertha, is the opposite. Her features are all the biggest, outward and downward. And let me tell you, I STRUGGLED to find a decent hair for her. Every hair clipped through her face! lol

Anyway, they started out married because who has time for that, right? …Look at all the clipping issues going on here… lol! And they are totally NOT kissing each other’s mouths. Yikes

After that fun shot, it was time to get jobs! We have food needs!

They both got jobs that pertain to their aspirations. Bubba Jay’s aspiration is to be a Master Chef and Bertha has the bestselling author aspiration. So heres to books and cooks!

Her face is sooooo much bigger than his! O__O

It’s just really funny. *sigh* I already love them so much.

Anyway, Bertha needed to read a book for her aspiration and since we’re too poor to afford a single book, we had to visit the library. Adventure time!

So while Bertha was reading and being boring, we had Bubba Jay do some fishing so we could sell them for nothing because Bubba Jay is a crap fisherman.

Finished reading the book, and started working on her writing skill. Because, again, we’re too poor to afford things.

Bubba Jay did manage to catch enough fish to be able to afford to grill some food to take home. Plus this helps with his daily task! It’s a two for one sale!

First day of work! Make sure you don’t scare your co-workers, Bertha!

Bertha: Why would I do that?

No reason… (Bubba Jay left shortly after that, so I was alone and bored…)

Yay! Bertha’s home! And she apparently got a big whiff of herself and she did not enjoy it. I’m so glad that the sims is not a 4D game…

With her contribution to the funds we were able to buy a counter. Singular. Just one. Useless.

And then a few hours later, Bubba Jay came home!

And we were able to afford the rest of the kitchen!

Since we don’t have anything else to do, this is the only way to pass the time… Don’t worry, we’re not doing kids. Yet. We want to save some money first.

Vlad came, walked up to the bathroom door, took one look at Bubba Jay and Bertha, and then turned around and walked away! lol! Who knew ugly was a natural vampire repellent?

Bertha got a promotion! And it came with a computer! Score! We also bought her a bookshelf with her bonus money.

And then Bubba Jay came home with a promotion too! And that came with counters! So we upgraded the kitchen! And also we bought a table and chairs, so we don’t have to eat on the bed anymore!

With all the household essentials bought, it was time to start the baby-makin’!

Heaven help us, there are baby Huckles on the way!