Chapter 3.8 – Complete ALL The Things!

Oh hello there! It’s a Huckle update! I gotta say, we’re really falling behind with this legacy. Since we last played, there have been TWO new packs released! Which of course add more things to our list of stuff to complete lol

So we got Ezra back to work. His next skill is robotics, obviously.

So cousin Clare got married. If you remember from last chapter (I know, it was a long time ago) Clare got pregnant and I allowed her to keep it since she’s adopted. And since after getting married, she took Cecilia’s last name, I’m just going to let her live her life. You do you, Clare!

But I will not be keeping up with her life. She’s officially off my radar lol

Bennett and Abigail had their oops baby! Welcome to the family, Clark!

I totally forgot that Bridget’s next skill was singing.

*turns off sound*

Ezra: Here, let me hit this harder to block the noise!

Bridget: You guys are RUDE.

Brooke and Brandy died. And I missed those notifications… Whoops.

I’m a terrible watcher lol

Bryce and Kyla are finally expecting a kiddo!

So I know I said that only heirs and their spouses could complete careers/aspirations/skills, but the list keeps growing longer and might as well get the easy part-time jobs out of the way lol

Cian and Cade with be doing two each as well. I mean, Christian has SO LONG before he’s a young adult, so they all gotta be earning their keep lol

Well… That was easy. She’s already maxed both part-time jobs… So yay? lol

What kind of surgery is that?! Some thing is messed up in my game. This happened in my achievement challenge too

Singing skill maxed! Woohoo!

I got Caela started on an easy skill, media production. Only 5 levels, so she should finish quick.

*crosses fingers*

Birthday time for the twins!

Cian goes first!

And then Cade gets to go!

There’s no after pics because they’re the same. Also, you’ll get pics whenever we get to the heir poll lol

So Cian got jobs in the diver and lifeguard careers and immediately maxed both. So check two more to the completed pile!

And then Cade also got a couple of jobs and maxed both the fisherman and fast food employee jobs.

Well, I think this chapter is turning out to be super productive! lol

I think this is my favorite photo of this chapter. Two “scary vampires” just doing some knitting and cross-stitch.


Cade is not impress and Cian is just having the time of his life

Cian: Vampires can be crafty too!

I guess…

Tina made the mistake of inviting herself over…

Well, we weren’t going to let a free meal go to waste lol

Oh no! Bridget lost a lifestyle!

Ezra got a promotion! Woohoo!

Bridget was working on upgrading all of our water collectors and solar panels

Ezra made a robot arm! I’ve never actually made that before, so that’s FUN

Today there are only child patients. And this one is a Huckle! Hi Carson! We’ll fix you up good!

Or not. Sorry Carson!

But it’s okay because we still managed to get that final promotion!

Fun Fact: I’ve never finished the doctor career because it’s just SO hard to do with a regular sim from the beginning. So I’m really excited for this

Cade maxed the cross-stitch skill! Thank you!

So he moves onto bowling. And the bowling lane fits just PERFECTLY on our second floor deck. It’s like it was meant to be!

Here’s a shot of Christian. Because obviously we’re still waiting on him to age up… So yeah.

But don’t worry, we’re getting closer to that Young Adult birthday! But first, the teenage years!

And here he is after his makeover!

And here he is in CAS. He’s not the ugliest Huckle we’ve seen come through this house, but I don’t think he’ll be winning this heir poll either.

But hey! I’m not in charge of selecting the heir!

Plus, who knows! Maybe he’ll grow on us before we have the heir poll.

And of course, his dark form! His default dark form came with the eye makeup already, and I loved it so I did the whole look based off of that lol

Oh yeah! Look at dat ass! GET IT BOY!

Bryce and Kyla had twins! Welcome to the family, Carley and Colin!

Someone offered us a spot in the gardener career. Which is a huge step down for us, so the answer is HECK NO

Cade completed another skill! Check bowling off the list!

And he’s moved onto Juice Fizzing. I’ve never ONCE bought this thing, so this will be new territory for me lol

As well as the wellness skill while we wait for juice to fizz lol

I’m not confident that he’ll finish these lol

Chad aged up! Good thing I check the notifications! Otherwise I would have missed this lol

So we headed off to flag him! No babies or marriages for you!

Ezra finally mastered the Robotics skill.

He won’t be done with it quite yet though!

Because we’re going to create a Servo!

Well, I think this is as good of a spot as any to end this. Next chapter we’ll finish up Christian’s teenage lifespan and have an heir poll.

Extra Bits:

This is Cory Huckle. Bennett and Abigail’s oldest

And this is his little brother, Clark. Bennett and Abigail’s oops baby lol