Chapter 2.10 – Progress. Finally.

Welcome back! We pick up right where we left off from last chapter: Everyone is sad about Bertha’s death. And Bennett is venting his emotions at the bunny. Real nice, kid.

I guess it could be worst though, he could be destroying a dollhouse…

But more important than any of that, it’s Brooke’s birthday!!

And here she is! Saggy boobs and all!

And here’a close up of her. She isn’t quite as ugly as I was hoping, but she’s definitely uglier than when she was a kid.



Today’s Harvestfest, so I took sometime to do some work on Victor’s aspiration.

And it worked. We’re finally on his final tier, so we can work on that.

Should be FUN #sarcasm

How many sims does it take to potty train the toddler?

Apparently 3

Bobble Head and his wife had a baby girl! Welcome to the family, Brogan!

Bridget was left home alone. And to make sure she gets level 5 of imagination, we hired a nanny this time. And it was great because he cleaned up all her messes! Thanks Nanny Yamamoto!

Everyone came home from work and school and then it was finally time for Bridget’s birthday!

And here’s the result!

So far, she’s my favorite for heir as I think she’s the ugliest. But who knows. Someone else might surprise me lol

Our gnomes have multiplied. There’s soooooo many!

Annabelle couldn’t find her bed. Even though, it’s RIGHT there.

Hi Bertha! Please don’t break our stuff.

Spoiler: She breaks our stuff…

Abigail and Roderick had their baby! Welcome to the family, Boyd!

No. That’s not where that goes! Now pick it back up and put it where it actually belongs!! Yeesh!

Yush! Victor completed his aspiration!

Now he just needs to max his career… Which is hard to do when he only works 3 days a week.

He’s also still working on the frog collection. He’s only missing 3 now.

Annabelle on the other hand still needs one more gold date to finish her aspiration.

She also has to max her career as well. But I’m not worried about that one. She’s on level 8 already and works everyday of the week lol

She is still missing quite a few experimental food photos though. We have 5/20… So we’re going to be taking lots of trips to the restaurant lol

So we went on a date to help out!

And the damn paparazzi got in the way. Judith Ward was at the restaurant too.

This is my new favorite social interaction ever lol

And that’s both aspirations complete woohoo! We’re making progress in this chapter!

Ewwww! Food poisoning!

(Just to show you how often I got to restaurants, I had NO idea that this was even a thing lol)

Well, we reported it AND WE GOT MONEY! COOL!!

Aaron and his wife had their baby! Welcome to the family, Bryn!

Well crap. This is gonna make getting to level 10 of his career hard. Looks like we have another Bertha situation on our hands… Ugh.

And then Aaron died. Adios ugly!

Awe yeah! Level 9!

*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* Level 6

The first of the Cousins aged up! so we’re off to flag her!

And so we swung by and flagged her on our way out to eat!

*spoiler* she was already flagged. I don’t remember doing that, but that’s pretty cool lol Past me was way ahead of the game

And here’s our new restaurant! Freshly downloaded from the gallery! It’s called Bow Gen Restaurant by Daniel_SimFansDE

It’s possibly one of my favorites!

Just look at how cool it is!

Hi Bobble Head!!

Food is served!

(Pay no attention to the frank and beans made and placed there by Bobble Head’s wife…)

And we got up to thirteen photos with the help of the family! So we’re getting there. Slowly.

lol anyway, that’s it for this chapter! Join us again for probably Victor not maxing his career.

Extra Bits:

This is Brad Caliente. He’s Abigail and Roderick’s middle son. And he looks like he’s gonna take after his mother. Unlike his older brother.

And this is Brenden Huckle. Adrian and Melisa’s youngest. And I can already tell he’s getting Adrian’s nose lol

*siiiiiiiiiiiigh* This is Brittney Hager. Addison and Gianni’s daughter. And she would have been the perfect heir for this generation if she was part of the main family…

And here’s Brody Caliente. Abigail and Roderick’s oldest son. He’s fairly normal looking. Just the big mouth