Chapter 3.3 – Break Ups?

Hello! Welcome back to the Huckles! We start this chapter off with pregnant Bridget off to her uni class! Have fun Bridget!

Ezra sneaks into Bryce’s room to do his homework. Cuz that’s not creepy stalker vampire behavior at ALL

Brandy and Emerson adopted another baby! This one is already named with a C name! But I will have to change the last name to Huckle lol But welcome to the family, Clare!

Ezra has to ask to drink from two different sims so we had to scout some victims. First up was a face you might recognize! That’s Brea Ojo, Aaron’s oldest daughter!

Brenden aged up! We’re off to flag!

Flagged! Now give us your plasma!

This is going to be a habit for us lol

And here’s the second willing victim, his own sister, Destiny! She’s obviously one of Vlad’s descendants. Should have married her…

It’s New Years Eve and Victor went and found Annabelle to give her a midnight kiss.

How adorbs

Ezra and Bridget have been autonomously doing their own homework.

It’s a nice change.

Ummmm. No. Ew.

I somehow missed the fact that Bridget is in labor. Whoops.

Everyone meet Caela! The first of our brood!

And we might as well keep going!

Well, I guess we’ll have to try again later… We have to go to work

Bryce started a project all on his own! (I think) So that’s fun!

heehee, we bought coffins just for coffin woohoo.

Coffin woohoo does the trick! Baby incoming!

We officially can’t afford our bills. Crap.

Grades came in and once again, Ezra proves that he’s a terrible student. Wonderful.

Bridget is killing it though lol

They both re-enrolled and added to our student loan bills. Wonderful

Oops baby FINALLY gets a birthday.

Geez. I’m ready to kick him out.

And here is the ugly oops baby.

And here’s the lovely close ups of his face. Dat profile is amazing lol

Cousin Brogan aged up! So it’s time for a visit! Which is great, Bridget needed a feed lol

Flagged and fed! We’re good to go!

Bridget gets home and she starts doing her homework in Bryce’s room. I dunno why everyone is now obsessed with doing their homework in there while he’s sleeping lol

Caela aged up! And she definitely has her mother’s mouth lol

Here’s a closer look at her in CAS

Bennett finally got married! Welcome to the family, Abigail! And Brandy also got married… To someone besides her girlfriend with whom she has two kids… But welcome to the family, Terri! (Brandy took Terri’s last name lol)

Spoiler: Brandy’s now ex also moves on and gets married and adopts a kid with her new wife a couple of days later lol

Ezra is busy building his vampire points. Since he’s stuck in his aspiration until he’s a freaking Grand Master vampire. So he needs to use lots of vampire powers. Ugh.


*resets so it never happened*

That’s totally not cheating. I in no way told them to get divorced

Caela is not impressed with grandpa Victor

I missed Boyd’s notification for his aging up to YA, so we went and flagged him anyway. And got a midnight snack at the same time

Brooke and her husband are expecting again! Yay!

It’s baby go time!

And it’s twin boys! …I feel like I’m playing my 100 baby challenge right now…

Anyway, that’s where we’ll leave this chapter! Join us again!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Mr. Benji Huckle. Adrian and Melissa’s middle kiddo

Here’s Clare Huckle. Brandy and Emerson’s daughter

This is Caleb Walsh. Brooke and Mike’s oldest

Here’s Terri Byers, Brandy’s new wife.

And this is Abigail, Bennett’s wife