Chapter 2.4 – Unsanctioned Actions

Welcome back! We begin this chapter with Annabelle trying to sabotage my choice for spouse. She seriously killed their friendship meter all the way to zero. But at least their romantic relationship is still intact.


I’m really worried that Bertha’s not gonna finish her career. She’s still at level 8 and she still has 8 days left and she only work 3 or 4 days in that time… We’re going to be cutting that close.

“Ahhhh. This is the good stuff”

Bubba Jay is really into his new drinking habit.

Some random townie died and she got that damn mourning moodlet. So we’re crying it out in the bathroom. I can’t have her gloomy on her date! (even though that worked for Adalind and Reese in my Drifter challenge)

Annabelle headed off to work before I could get her on the date, so I hung out with Bertha and Bubba Jay for the day. And Bertha hunted down Bubba Jay so that she could suck his face.

Annabelle came home from work and we immediately went on our date!

This has now become their table. I think I’ve only been sat somewhere else once when I came here. But at least its not outside in the elements

Oh man. This is hella awkward! And look! Masami’s pregnant!

Get it, girl!

Everyone cross your fingers!

(He looks really unsure about this)

But he said yes on the first try anyway.

And then it looked like he immediately regretted the decision.

And then I heard the wedding song playing.

I did NOT sanction this.

I was gonna plan a wedding! I never selected elope with Victor! I have no idea what’s going on!

…They got married on their own in the middle of a restaurant.

Anyway, we moved him in and gave him his makeover. He looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

Gave him a job in the Astronaut career. Because who doesn’t want to fly in a spaceship.

And then we wasted no time in getting to work on generation B!

One and done. Victor is my kind of man!

But he doesn’t look happy about the news.

“You never said anything about babies!”

“What did you think ‘Try for Baby’ was all about!?”

In other news, ANNABELLE IS ALREADY HUGE! This is literally right after she took that pregnancy test…

Forgot to mention that we have a new Decor piece added to our collection

Annabelle randomly started running on the treadmill… Who runs for fun!?

Bertha finally got a promotion. But today is saturday and she doesn’t work again until Tuesday… I don’t think we’ll make it…


Chapter 2.3 – All The Lovin’

Welcome back everyone! We begin this chapter with a birthday!! Yay Bubba Jay!

…Which I had forgotten… Whoops. Sorry Bubba Jay… That’s no way to treat a founder.

I am a failure

And with their emanate demise looming, it was time to build the mausoleum. So its ready for the first four generations of dead Huckles.

Annabelle’s working charisma for her aspiration. Ugh. It’s sooooo tedious.

I don’t know how it happened, but Bobblehead is the only triplet to earn an A in school. Congratulations?

This is Masami Munch. And yes, before you ask, she is Lucas’ wife.

But that didn’t stop her from becoming girlfriends with Annabelle

It’s a triple birthday!

And then we kicked them out. Bye!

Bubba Jay is stuck at level nine at work. He’s taking his time…

And Bertha is stuck at level 8… I hope we finish these. With the new careers coming, we’ll need to get these done!

If you notice, we did a little switch-a-roo with with rooms! I’m getting ready for starting generation B!!

Birthday for Bertha!

Look at that silver fox, guys! She’s workin’ it!

At least Annabelle’s bringing in the promotions!





The rest of this chapter is all romance. And quick romance. Bear with me, we needed 5 more first kisses soooo….

Here’s Rico! Our next target!

And check!

And then we brought in Bowen! He was in our teen club a long time ago

And check!

(Also: Her bottom lip is CRACKING ME UP!!!!)

Then we swindled Pierce Delgado into become the next victim boyfriend

And he happily obliged (even though he has a wife and kids at home)

This is Jayceon. He’s Bowen’s Dad. He’s a total DILF. Wait, I didn’t say that, forget that even happened

It can’t be wrong if it feels right, right?

And this is Cassandra. She’s Jayceon’s daughter and Bowen’s twin.

She’s really pretty… She’s too pretty for Annabelle

And just like that, Annabelle’s 3 gold dates away from completing her aspiration!

So with just the dates remaining, we can ditch all the boyfriends and girlfriends we collected along the way, so we went and broke up with all but one of our SO’s.

And we were left with Victor, who I’ve chosen as Annabelle’s future husband. He was the first EAxis townie that she met (I had to plant other teens in the world because there were none…)

Well, that’s a good place to end this chapter, so join us next time when we add Victor to the family and make BABIES! (finally)

Chapter 2.2 – Kissing Fiend

Welcome back! We start things off with Annabelle sleeping. With her eyes slightly open. She’s just like her mom. Must be a trait of the big eyes they’ve all got

It’s Night On The Town! And I plan on taking full advantage of this holiday

After the fiasco we had with Deven last chapter, I was determined to get him as a boyfriend.

And he’s making eyes at Annabelle! This is a good sign!

Awe yeah! Killing it!

And they’re getting so many stares! Not gonna lie, I probably would too

Go Annabelle! Way to reel him in!

Adrian and Addison are having a dance party!

Bertha gives the Bobblehead some attention because lord knows I’m not gonna

Another reason not to give him attention… Stupid phase.

Adrian finally had his birthday!

And we kicked him out immediately. Bye bye

Annabelle’s still looking for one more 1st kiss.

So! Let’s go find it!

We invited Lucas Munch over since we became friends in the last chapter.

And even though they never actually made any contact, we finally got our 3rd first kiss! Milestone: check!

And Annabelle managed to get a promotion without ever leaving the house

Reeled in another one! We’re making an army here

Had to use the bubble blower for work, so we made a trip into the city!

We also had to level up our painting skill. And since we don’t have an easel at the house, we made do with a mural

Bertha is helping all the kids with their homework so that she can max out her parenting skill.

Andrew is being lazy and just watching TV

Went out for lunch with our next target! Meet Alvetta!

Haaaaa! Billie is afraid because they sat her outside in the middle of the storm lol

We got our first experimental food photo!

(I had to change the menu for the restaurant so that we could get them)

Awe yeah, Bertha! Nailed it!

As you can see Alvetta made it home with us and we snagged a kiss!

And we end the chapter with Alvetta becoming Annabelle’s girlfriend! Welcome to the army!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Aaron and Miko’s little girl, Brea! So far so good, I can’t wait to see her grow up!