Chapter 3.4 – Earning Your Keep

Oh hello! Yes, it’s been awhile. A REALLY LONG while… But it was hot. That’s my excuse. It was too hot to play sims.

But we get to start off on a positive note! Apparently Victor maxed his career! I missed it! But it definitely says that he’s level 10, so we’re counting it!

If you’re like me, you forgot that we had twins in the house. Infant twins. Yuck.

Which is on top of the toddler we have.

Man… I need to not take such a long break ever again…

Also, let us not forget the oops baby. Who’s still around… for a whole TEN more days…

We’re slowly working on getting Ezra to a Grand Master Vampire… *sigh*

Bryn aged up to a Young Adult! So we’re off to flag!

Bridget was in class when I finally remembered to go, so Victor went to go do the flagging!

Baby Sparkles means only one thing! It’s birthday time for the twins!

Here’s Cian

And here’s a better look in CAS. I can’t wait to see him aged up!

And here’s Cade!

And here’s a better look at him in CAS.

Ezra got a promotion for both of his weekend part time jobs! Woohoo!

Is it just me, or is it weird that you can still browse plopsy while your computer is broken?

Brandy and her wife adopted little Arnold. Since his is a C generation baby though, I changed his name to Chad Byers

And this is the point where I got sick of having to rename adopted kids so I turned off adoptions and set the same-sex pregnancy options to 100 percent lol

GUYS! Victor maxed the dancing skill! I was not expecting that at ALL! This makes me happy!

Brooke and her husband welcomed a baby girl into the family!

… we can’t afford our bills… I guess this means that we need to look into solar panels to save money…

Today is the last day of term for these two goons! Bridget has 3 final exams and a term paper. Term paper is done and turned in, so she just has to go to class and she’s done.

Ezra has two final exams, a term paper, and a presentation. Term paper is done and turned in. Presentation is done and he just finished presenting, so all he has to do is finish his classes today too!

Ezra’s reaction to the end of term

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand Bridgets…

Ezra’s final grades for the semester. He managed to raise his GPA from a B- to a B+, so that’s good.

And here’s Bridget’s final grades. Her GPA didn’t change at all.

Ezra re-enrolled, but with a smaller coarse load. The last term kicked my BUTT with trying to keep them alive lol

Bridget also re-enrolled, but she got a full class load so that she can finish and get right into her career.

Ezra will have to take care of the kids lol

Bought some solar panels and water collectors to try and save some money on my bills… we’ll see how this works lol

Bennett and Abigail are expecting!

It’s Caela’s birthday!

And here she is! I love her buck teeth lol

And here’s her CAS photos. Besides her mouth, she’s normal looking!

Bridget and Ezra had a vampiric duel. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. It looked pretty cool! Bridget definitely kicked Ezra’s ass lol

Victor maxed the Rocket Science skill! Victor is earning his keep in this chapter!

Lots of flagging to do!

But first: A death. I’m actually sad about this now. He was very productive this chapter!

And he was laid to rest in the family mausoleum.

…So this seems like a good place to end this chapter. We’ll see you next time! …Hopefully without such a long break.