Chapter 2.7 – Spreading Positivity

Hola everyone! Yes, it’s been a while since the Huckles have been in action. But we’re back on track! To give you some sort of time-frame from when these pics were taken, we’re about to undertake the positivity challenge! You know, that thing wayyyyyy back from November? Yup, here we go!

So we invited Millie Bobby Brown over and accepted the challenge.

(I put her current aspiration on hold to get this done so that we can get those collectibles.)

Ughhhhhh. That’s a looooooot of good deeds to do. Let’s hope that Annabelle’s up for the challenge!

The first tier was easy enough to complete and we got our first poster!

The next step was to do 5 good deeds for acquaintances. This meant we actually had to leave the house to do things. Boo.

Brief intermission for a quick kiss! Gotta keep him on the leash otherwise he might run off! 😉

And it’s also his birthday. Happy adulting, Victor!

In the midst of that, Annabelle managed to complete level two!

You’ve heard the expression “When pigs fly” right, well it’s come true.

Two birds, One stone! She had work stuff to do and while we were out, we worked on the positivity challenge!

Tier complete!

Also, I need one of those in my life. Not the poster, the creature!

Another break! We need to keep this challenge moving!

And success!  Nooboo on the way!

And with this addition to Annabelle’s really small list of friends……

We’ve completed the Positivity challenge! Yippie!

So that’s two complete collections: Positivity posters and the eggs

Now, back to our regularly scheduled ugly.

Today was love day, so Bertha didn’t have to go to work. Which is really annoying. She’s still kicking it at level nine…

Brooke has one day left before her birthday. But I’m determined to get the top notch trait, so she’s working really hard. She’s not allowed to sleep

So she passes out…

Meanwhile, Brandy aged up!

And she got right down to skilling!

*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* STILL no promotion.


At least Annabelle is making me proud!

(Also, notice that Brooke is at level 4 of imagination and level 3 of thinking? yeah. That’s why she gets no sleep)

Abigail is expecting again!

Her age bar is bubbly and she still needs 1 point of imagination.

So, I’ve permitted her to make lots of messes…

And it worked! We can officially age her up! 

Made it in time that she gets the cake too! I was worried that she was gonna automatically age up in the middle of skilling and not get it. But she got to have a real birthday!

She’s like a face clone of her dad…

Although, I do see a bit of Annabelle’s cheek bones in there

And then we set her out to clean up allllllll those messes she left behind.