Chapter 1.1 – Bring On The Ugly

I know what you’re thinking… Mojo’s done it again! She’s back at it again with another challenge! And you would be right! This is a resurrection of one of my FAVORITE families that I played in TS3, The Hicks! It followed Bubba Jay and Bertha Hicks’ Journey to beauty. In this story it’s pretty much the same, except for one tiny detail, I changed their last name to Huckle! So let’s wrap up this introduction and get this prettacy started!

Ahhh! The joys of a fresh new save! And a new challenge! In case you missed it, The Huckles is a Prettacy, where the goal is to marry pretty sims and have pretty offspring. I’m also planning on doing it as an alphabetcy. So, like the TS3 version I did, we’ll jump back and forth every couple of generations picking pretty and then ugly heirs so that we don’t finish the challenge in generation 4 and then are bored for the next 22 generations.

And obviously, per legacy rules, we bought the knight to knock our funds to practically zero. We shall meet him again, when we can actually afford him. So it’s only good-bye for a little while!

As you can see, the knight didn’t leave us with very much. And we are officially broke! I have no idea what we’re going to do for food… since we couldn’t even afford a cooler. Huh. Maybe I should have skipped the sink and got a cooler instead. #hindsight

Okay. Are you sure you want to see them? I’m not responsible for what happens to your devices when you do! It might not be a coincidence that my computer crashed the day after I created them!

You still want to see them?











Meet Bertha and Bubba Jay Huckle! Let’s take a close up look at their facial features in CAS shall we?

Here’s Mr. Bubba Jay. When making him, I moved all the features to the smallest position, inward and upward. And MAN is he interesting looking!

Bertha, is the opposite. Her features are all the biggest, outward and downward. And let me tell you, I STRUGGLED to find a decent hair for her. Every hair clipped through her face! lol

Anyway, they started out married because who has time for that, right? …Look at all the clipping issues going on here… lol! And they are totally NOT kissing each other’s mouths. Yikes

After that fun shot, it was time to get jobs! We have food needs!

They both got jobs that pertain to their aspirations. Bubba Jay’s aspiration is to be a Master Chef and Bertha has the bestselling author aspiration. So heres to books and cooks!

Her face is sooooo much bigger than his! O__O

It’s just really funny. *sigh* I already love them so much.

Anyway, Bertha needed to read a book for her aspiration and since we’re too poor to afford a single book, we had to visit the library. Adventure time!

So while Bertha was reading and being boring, we had Bubba Jay do some fishing so we could sell them for nothing because Bubba Jay is a crap fisherman.

Finished reading the book, and started working on her writing skill. Because, again, we’re too poor to afford things.

Bubba Jay did manage to catch enough fish to be able to afford to grill some food to take home. Plus this helps with his daily task! It’s a two for one sale!

First day of work! Make sure you don’t scare your co-workers, Bertha!

Bertha: Why would I do that?

No reason… (Bubba Jay left shortly after that, so I was alone and bored…)

Yay! Bertha’s home! And she apparently got a big whiff of herself and she did not enjoy it. I’m so glad that the sims is not a 4D game…

With her contribution to the funds we were able to buy a counter. Singular. Just one. Useless.

And then a few hours later, Bubba Jay came home!

And we were able to afford the rest of the kitchen!

Since we don’t have anything else to do, this is the only way to pass the time… Don’t worry, we’re not doing kids. Yet. We want to save some money first.

Vlad came, walked up to the bathroom door, took one look at Bubba Jay and Bertha, and then turned around and walked away! lol! Who knew ugly was a natural vampire repellent?

Bertha got a promotion! And it came with a computer! Score! We also bought her a bookshelf with her bonus money.

And then Bubba Jay came home with a promotion too! And that came with counters! So we upgraded the kitchen! And also we bought a table and chairs, so we don’t have to eat on the bed anymore!

With all the household essentials bought, it was time to start the baby-makin’!

Heaven help us, there are baby Huckles on the way!