Chapter 3.5 – Vampire Doctor

Hello! And welcome back! We start things off with the oops baby, Bryce. Who looks like a monkey. Probably smells like one too.


Bennett and Abigail had a baby boy!

*not gonna lie, I thought it was Annabelle’s sister Abigail and I freaked out for a second thinking we had a REALLY late oops baby.

Benji aged up! Off to our free meal!

Guys… Look at that chin. I’m almost sad to have to flag him. I’d love to have some of those genes back into the family later


Awe! Bryce is such a good uncle!

Forgot to mention that Bridget maxed the Manuel Laborer and Babysitter PTJs. So that’s two more things to mark off our list!

Stupid. This idiot invited himself over. Which obviously makes him food.

Ezra and Bridget are both at work, so Bryce is helping Cian and Cade to their cake.

Cian goes first

And then it was Cade’s turn

And here’s Cian after his makeover.

And here he is in CAS. He’s got some squinty eyes. I didn’t think Ezra’s eyes were so squinty, but they must be because those definitely aren’t Bridget’s. He did get Bridget’s face profile though

And here’s Cade.

And here he is in CAS. He did get Bridget’s eyes. But his face profile is pretty normal.

Ezra’s a Master Vampire now! Woohoo! Now we just need to be a Grand Master before we can purchase the Tamed Thirst Power and move on in his aspiration

Meanwhile, Bridget and Ezra dueled again and she was able to move onto her final milestone of her aspiration.

Unfortunately, it’s our bloodbag’s birthday. So Bridget got in a last drink before we aged him up and kicked him out.

And he’s gone. *sigh* Never thought I would be sad to see him leave…

Term is done! Ezra did really good! NAILED IT!

He signs up right away for another term to complete his final two classes

Well… Bridget did NOT do as well… Still has an over GPA of an A- still, so that’s good!

And Bridget is graduating!

Hopefully she doesn’t die lol

And she’s officially graduated!

Now we can get her started in the Doctor profession!

With this cast hallucination…

Bridget is now a Grand Master Vampire!

No. Go away. I don’t want any penalties on my bills!


I guess that explains the random embarrassed moods…

Also, cross your fingers we win the lottery…

Bennett and his wife are expecting another baby!

Alright! Bridget just needs to survive another 17 days as a vampire in order to complete her aspiration!

We lost… Damn. I could have used that money

Maybe I should look into a money tree.

Or 8

It must be Harvestfest. The Gnome army is on the move!

…That is one way to go in for your first day of work…

Our first patient!

And it turns out he needed surgery!

I feel like this is against the doctor code…

Why are all the patients kids?

Ezra took a stroll around to increase his vampire powers

And it worked! We’re now a Grand Master!

And here’s his final milestone! All he needs to do is not drink without permission! For 14 days… And then we’re done!

UM WHAT?! I thought I flagged her?

Ugh… Now I have to go fix this…

Spoiler: It won’t let me get rid of it… Ugh. Now I have to remember to flag her later

In the process, I discovered that I didn’t flag Byron or Bijay either. So we did that

Look at that, we’re getting these two started in some other really random skills to keep up with all the skills we need to max

It’s baby time!


Welcome to the family little Christian!

…Is it weird now that I want to have another girl? Because I think that might happen…

Next time. We’re going to end this one here. Toodles!

Extra Bits:

This is Caleb Walsh. Brooke and Mike’s oldest

And this is Crystal Walsh. Brooke and Mike’s youngest

This is Carter Huckle. Brandy and Emerson’s oldest

And here’s his sister Clare

This is Chad Byers. Brandy and Terri’s son

And this is Cory Huckle. Bennett and Abigail’s son