Chapter 3.8 – Complete ALL The Things!

Oh hello there! It’s a Huckle update! I gotta say, we’re really falling behind with this legacy. Since we last played, there have been TWO new packs released! Which of course add more things to our list of stuff to complete lol

So we got Ezra back to work. His next skill is robotics, obviously.

So cousin Clare got married. If you remember from last chapter (I know, it was a long time ago) Clare got pregnant and I allowed her to keep it since she’s adopted. And since after getting married, she took Cecilia’s last name, I’m just going to let her live her life. You do you, Clare!

But I will not be keeping up with her life. She’s officially off my radar lol

Bennett and Abigail had their oops baby! Welcome to the family, Clark!

I totally forgot that Bridget’s next skill was singing.

*turns off sound*

Ezra: Here, let me hit this harder to block the noise!

Bridget: You guys are RUDE.

Brooke and Brandy died. And I missed those notifications… Whoops.

I’m a terrible watcher lol

Bryce and Kyla are finally expecting a kiddo!

So I know I said that only heirs and their spouses could complete careers/aspirations/skills, but the list keeps growing longer and might as well get the easy part-time jobs out of the way lol

Cian and Cade with be doing two each as well. I mean, Christian has SO LONG before he’s a young adult, so they all gotta be earning their keep lol

Well… That was easy. She’s already maxed both part-time jobs… So yay? lol

What kind of surgery is that?! Some thing is messed up in my game. This happened in my achievement challenge too

Singing skill maxed! Woohoo!

I got Caela started on an easy skill, media production. Only 5 levels, so she should finish quick.

*crosses fingers*

Birthday time for the twins!

Cian goes first!

And then Cade gets to go!

There’s no after pics because they’re the same. Also, you’ll get pics whenever we get to the heir poll lol

So Cian got jobs in the diver and lifeguard careers and immediately maxed both. So check two more to the completed pile!

And then Cade also got a couple of jobs and maxed both the fisherman and fast food employee jobs.

Well, I think this chapter is turning out to be super productive! lol

I think this is my favorite photo of this chapter. Two “scary vampires” just doing some knitting and cross-stitch.


Cade is not impress and Cian is just having the time of his life

Cian: Vampires can be crafty too!

I guess…

Tina made the mistake of inviting herself over…

Well, we weren’t going to let a free meal go to waste lol

Oh no! Bridget lost a lifestyle!

Ezra got a promotion! Woohoo!

Bridget was working on upgrading all of our water collectors and solar panels

Ezra made a robot arm! I’ve never actually made that before, so that’s FUN

Today there are only child patients. And this one is a Huckle! Hi Carson! We’ll fix you up good!

Or not. Sorry Carson!

But it’s okay because we still managed to get that final promotion!

Fun Fact: I’ve never finished the doctor career because it’s just SO hard to do with a regular sim from the beginning. So I’m really excited for this

Cade maxed the cross-stitch skill! Thank you!

So he moves onto bowling. And the bowling lane fits just PERFECTLY on our second floor deck. It’s like it was meant to be!

Here’s a shot of Christian. Because obviously we’re still waiting on him to age up… So yeah.

But don’t worry, we’re getting closer to that Young Adult birthday! But first, the teenage years!

And here he is after his makeover!

And here he is in CAS. He’s not the ugliest Huckle we’ve seen come through this house, but I don’t think he’ll be winning this heir poll either.

But hey! I’m not in charge of selecting the heir!

Plus, who knows! Maybe he’ll grow on us before we have the heir poll.

And of course, his dark form! His default dark form came with the eye makeup already, and I loved it so I did the whole look based off of that lol

Oh yeah! Look at dat ass! GET IT BOY!

Bryce and Kyla had twins! Welcome to the family, Carley and Colin!

Someone offered us a spot in the gardener career. Which is a huge step down for us, so the answer is HECK NO

Cade completed another skill! Check bowling off the list!

And he’s moved onto Juice Fizzing. I’ve never ONCE bought this thing, so this will be new territory for me lol

As well as the wellness skill while we wait for juice to fizz lol

I’m not confident that he’ll finish these lol

Chad aged up! Good thing I check the notifications! Otherwise I would have missed this lol

So we headed off to flag him! No babies or marriages for you!

Ezra finally mastered the Robotics skill.

He won’t be done with it quite yet though!

Because we’re going to create a Servo!

Well, I think this is as good of a spot as any to end this. Next chapter we’ll finish up Christian’s teenage lifespan and have an heir poll.

Extra Bits:

This is Cory Huckle. Bennett and Abigail’s oldest

And this is his little brother, Clark. Bennett and Abigail’s oops baby lol

Chapter 3.7 – All The Lifestyles!

So it’s been a hot minute since I last played this and Cade walking around in his dark form scared me.

Yikes is all I can say

Getting over the initial shock of Cade, we got the teens to work on their homework.

And Christian is working just as hard on his skills. I’m not confident that he’s going to get top-notch toddler, but we’re going to try!

How come ya’ll forgot to tell me that there are vampire recipes?! I didn’t know this (or I might have just forgotten) But he we are actually making stuff with all of our plasma fruit

Oh crap. I forgot…

So we had a visit from the repo man… *sigh*

And he took our wall art. At least it wasn’t anything important lol

I was hoping to drain the repo man, but he left too quick for us. So Bridget had to make do with some townies.

It’s New Year’s Eve. It’s literally the only time the entire family is in the same room at the same time lol

Midnight hits and Ezra and Bridget share a midnight kiss

While Cade and Caela share a midnight hug! How cute!

Also, Christian looks super excited about the hug lol

Caela and Cian were both in need of plasma, so they invited over their own “plasma bags” to fill their needs.

Cade needed it too, but then I got the popup that it was time for Bridget to go to work

Where we had a medial emergency. I wish it was labor though. Bridget needs to deliver a baby for her promotion.

We filled our work task bar and decided to go look for donors. We saw this guy walking around and guess what? HE WAS THE REPO MAN! REVENGE IS OURS!

Hi Victor! Enjoying the chips?

I forgot that we were working on some skills too. So here we are getting them back to that.

I should have one of them do the medium skill lol

Ezra’s indoorsy! Just like me!

Why can’t we just get a pregnant sim? My goodness!

We were finally able to pay off Bridget’s student loans!

But it’s going to be forever before we’re able to pay off Ezra’s…

On a more positive note, it’s Christian’s birthday!

And here he is after his makeover. He’s actually kinda cute. For a Huckle.

And here he is in CAS. At this point I’d say he’s on par with Cade in looks just because of the eyes

Also, I feel really bad, but this is the last time you see him in this update lol

This came through MCCC and I have no idea who this Carolina is. She doesn’t actually belong to any of my extended families. The only thing I can think of is that she was married to one of the cousins before I flagged them.

Well I renamed her because I don’t need to be confused every time she comes through MCCC lol

Now Carter on the other hand, IS a Huckle. He’s one of Brandy’s kids. Which means he should have been flagged. Whoops. So we’re off to do that.

So we headed over and deleted their relationship and then flagged him. I didn’t realize we were at the point where I needed to keep an eye out for Young Adult cousins! lol

And we made it a feeding frenzy! lol we fed on literally the whole family. Even the Ex-Wife

Poor Ezra had to make due with Plasma Packs since he’s too “good” for feeding.


Not to get stuck in the same situation as Carter, I discovered that Caleb (Brooke’s oldest) is also a Young Adult. So we headed over to flag him before he could get caught up with MCCC

Geez. They could be twins!

Yay! No penalties in our bills!

It’s a tax break of $2,853! That’s a LOT!

There’s gotta be something in the water since we have collapsed sims every time we go to work.


Funny story: Benji is a Dog Dude lol

Hey! Bridget also gained the Indoorsy lifestyle! SHOCKER!

And then she also gained the Technophobe Lifestyle lol

Ezra is finally useful and maxes the pipe organ skill.

Damn Bridget. How many lifestyles do you need?!

At least she’s maxed the handiness skill lol

Ezra’s next skill to work on is photography. (yuck)

And Bridget will be working on the medium skill.

Ezra got his second lifestyle

Geez. This update is lifestyle heavy.

Bridget summoned these little demons.

She offered her soul (which apparently she still has even though she’s a vampire lol) and got some “forbidden candy”

It made her energized

Damn! The dead are fiesty!

Imagine seeing these guys walking around your neighborhood at night. Definitely the stuff of nightmares.

Bridget looks annoyed that Ezra dragged her along for a photoshoot lol

On their way home, they picked up some fast food for the kiddos

Bennett and his wife are having an oops baby lol

Ezra completed his aspiration!


And then Bridget completed her aspiration!

We’re making all kinds of progress today!

And after a “take photo” spam, Ezra maxes the photography skill!

Thank god. I hate maxing that skill

Also, just so you all know, money is no long a problem for us lol

So much so, that we were able to pay off Ezra’s entire loan balance at once!

When you get so into communing with the dead, you become a ghost to relate.

We finally got the baby emergency! YES!


With that baby, we were finally able to get that promotion!

Caela earned a lifestyle!

Medium skill maxed! Woohoo!

Then she moves onto the singing skill.

Vampires are good for one thing, that’s for sure. With no need to sleep, there’s extra skilling time! lol

And we’re back to the collapsed sims. And this one is a Huckle!

HA! I didn’t miss the notification this time! Yus!

But then in the same round of MCCC, this happened. *sigh* But since Clare is an adopted Huckle, I’ll allow this pregnancy.

Big sister Brooke died. 😦 now everyone in the family is sad. Yippie

I forgot Caela’s birthday. She’s now a Young Adult.

Now normally I’d do an heir poll at this point. But I want to see how Christian looks as a teen before I open it. And also, since they’re all going to be doing the same aspiration (the last vampire one) the age thing isn’t an issue at the moment. So we’ll run an heir poll when Christian ages up.

Now that that’s cleared up, we’re ending this chapter here since we’re already at over 70 screenshots. And it’s getting pretty long lol

Extra Bits:

This is Crystal Walsh. Brooke and Mike’s youngest

This is Chad Byers. Brandy and Terri’s youngest

And this is Carson Huckle. Bennett and Abigail’s youngest.


Chapter 3.6 – Vampire Madness

Hello and welcome back! We are starting this chapter off with a little skill building! Trying to knock out some of our skills on the list.

She gets to level 6 before she has to go to work

We made our first house call!

And our first patient is Brad!

Diagnosis: Too Ugly

Our second patient was Brittney

Diagnosis: Unholy Ugly

And our final patient was this dude. No idea how he managed to get into this house…

Diagnosis: No One Cares

Abigail and Bennett welcomed a baby boy into the family! Welcome Carson!

We got those money trees that I talked about. We only have two at the moment, but I plan on getting more when these produce fruit. Soon we’ll have a whole GROVE

We are JUST shy of being able to afford our bills. So I sold a couple seed packets I have in the household inventory, and we’re good to go! This is the first time in Bridget’s generation that we’re paying bills the day we get them!

Ezra continues to work on the Pipe Organ Skill

He also finished his final term of University!

Which means he can finally graduate and get started as a villain!

Christian aged up!

So he definitely got his mother’s eyes and mouth. And his dad’s hair color.

So with our bloodbag gone, I’ve taken to breaking into other sim’s homes like Vlad.

It’s actually pretty fun and now I understand why Vlad does it lol

Gah! They’re so cuteeee!

Ezra has officially graduated! I missed the ceremony since I was at work with Bridget. But he’s DONE!

And he’s officially in the criminal career! Woohoo! And it came with a nice little signing bonus!

Bridget drank a Draught of Reconfiguration so that I could get rid of the infernal hissing. It was making being a doctor really difficult when your patients kept getting up to get away from you…

I eventually give one to Ezra later as well.

Oh… Whoops. I completely forgot your birthday Caela. Sorry!

And here she is in CAS. Not too bad.

And here’s her “dark” form lol

Bahahaha! I’ve never played with the self-absorbed trait before! I didn’t know they get mad instead of sad! I love it!

Mad > Sad anyday

Somehow, Bridget is becoming a technophobe… No idea how this is happening since she pretty much works with technology all the time at work.

Maybe it’s all the woodworking?

Finally remembered to flag Belinda. No more babies for you

And I also forgot to flag Burke. I’m not gonna lie, I almost left him alone because he has MAGNIFICENT ugly genes. But I can’t break my own rules!

Also, he was married when I found him. I broke them up so I could flag him.

bahahaha! Justine is NOT impressed with Bridget’s actions. But hey! That’s what he gets for coming over to a vampire’s house when she hasn’t fed in a while.

It’s like he was asking for it

We were just about to start another feed, when someone started a fire. So we had to put that out before we could actually feed.

Stupid sims

This was Bridget’s third surgery! So hopefully we’ll get a promotion after work today!

And success! Level 8! Killin’ it!

Bryce finally got married! And no, that is not his relative. Kyla was married to Burke before I had to break them up so that I could flag him. I never changed her name.

Bridget took Caela out for her first taste of real “plasma”. We found a nice family with lots of adults in it… 😉

Caela was good after the one drink. Bridget needed three.


When even your Sire thinks you’re being too much of a vampire.

ohmygosh! Hi Bubba Jay!! Long time, no see!

It’s birthday time! Cian goes first!

And then Cade gets to go!

Also, why is he so far away from the cake?


Here’s Cian after his makeover. I like him

And here he is in CAS.

And here’s his “dark” form

And here’s Cade!

And here he is in CAS. I like that he got his dad’s nose! He would definitely win an heir poll if the voting criteria was who was the best mix of their parents.

And here’s his dark form!

And I guess we’ll end this chapter with a shot of our forgotten toddler.

I seriously didn’t do anything with this guy this whole play session. I’m surprised he didn’t get taken by social services.

But anyway! Join us next time!

Extra Bits:

This is Clare Huckle. Brandy and Emerson’s daughter

This is Cory Huckle. Bennett and Abigail’s oldest

And here’s his younger brother, Carson

Here’s Bryce’s new wife, Kyla!


Chapter 3.5 – Vampire Doctor

Hello! And welcome back! We start things off with the oops baby, Bryce. Who looks like a monkey. Probably smells like one too.


Bennett and Abigail had a baby boy!

*not gonna lie, I thought it was Annabelle’s sister Abigail and I freaked out for a second thinking we had a REALLY late oops baby.

Benji aged up! Off to our free meal!

Guys… Look at that chin. I’m almost sad to have to flag him. I’d love to have some of those genes back into the family later


Awe! Bryce is such a good uncle!

Forgot to mention that Bridget maxed the Manuel Laborer and Babysitter PTJs. So that’s two more things to mark off our list!

Stupid. This idiot invited himself over. Which obviously makes him food.

Ezra and Bridget are both at work, so Bryce is helping Cian and Cade to their cake.

Cian goes first

And then it was Cade’s turn

And here’s Cian after his makeover.

And here he is in CAS. He’s got some squinty eyes. I didn’t think Ezra’s eyes were so squinty, but they must be because those definitely aren’t Bridget’s. He did get Bridget’s face profile though

And here’s Cade.

And here he is in CAS. He did get Bridget’s eyes. But his face profile is pretty normal.

Ezra’s a Master Vampire now! Woohoo! Now we just need to be a Grand Master before we can purchase the Tamed Thirst Power and move on in his aspiration

Meanwhile, Bridget and Ezra dueled again and she was able to move onto her final milestone of her aspiration.

Unfortunately, it’s our bloodbag’s birthday. So Bridget got in a last drink before we aged him up and kicked him out.

And he’s gone. *sigh* Never thought I would be sad to see him leave…

Term is done! Ezra did really good! NAILED IT!

He signs up right away for another term to complete his final two classes

Well… Bridget did NOT do as well… Still has an over GPA of an A- still, so that’s good!

And Bridget is graduating!

Hopefully she doesn’t die lol

And she’s officially graduated!

Now we can get her started in the Doctor profession!

With this cast hallucination…

Bridget is now a Grand Master Vampire!

No. Go away. I don’t want any penalties on my bills!


I guess that explains the random embarrassed moods…

Also, cross your fingers we win the lottery…

Bennett and his wife are expecting another baby!

Alright! Bridget just needs to survive another 17 days as a vampire in order to complete her aspiration!

We lost… Damn. I could have used that money

Maybe I should look into a money tree.

Or 8

It must be Harvestfest. The Gnome army is on the move!

…That is one way to go in for your first day of work…

Our first patient!

And it turns out he needed surgery!

I feel like this is against the doctor code…

Why are all the patients kids?

Ezra took a stroll around to increase his vampire powers

And it worked! We’re now a Grand Master!

And here’s his final milestone! All he needs to do is not drink without permission! For 14 days… And then we’re done!

UM WHAT?! I thought I flagged her?

Ugh… Now I have to go fix this…

Spoiler: It won’t let me get rid of it… Ugh. Now I have to remember to flag her later

In the process, I discovered that I didn’t flag Byron or Bijay either. So we did that

Look at that, we’re getting these two started in some other really random skills to keep up with all the skills we need to max

It’s baby time!


Welcome to the family little Christian!

…Is it weird now that I want to have another girl? Because I think that might happen…

Next time. We’re going to end this one here. Toodles!

Extra Bits:

This is Caleb Walsh. Brooke and Mike’s oldest

And this is Crystal Walsh. Brooke and Mike’s youngest

This is Carter Huckle. Brandy and Emerson’s oldest

And here’s his sister Clare

This is Chad Byers. Brandy and Terri’s son

And this is Cory Huckle. Bennett and Abigail’s son


Chapter 3.4 – Earning Your Keep

Oh hello! Yes, it’s been awhile. A REALLY LONG while… But it was hot. That’s my excuse. It was too hot to play sims.

But we get to start off on a positive note! Apparently Victor maxed his career! I missed it! But it definitely says that he’s level 10, so we’re counting it!

If you’re like me, you forgot that we had twins in the house. Infant twins. Yuck.

Which is on top of the toddler we have.

Man… I need to not take such a long break ever again…

Also, let us not forget the oops baby. Who’s still around… for a whole TEN more days…

We’re slowly working on getting Ezra to a Grand Master Vampire… *sigh*

Bryn aged up to a Young Adult! So we’re off to flag!

Bridget was in class when I finally remembered to go, so Victor went to go do the flagging!

Baby Sparkles means only one thing! It’s birthday time for the twins!

Here’s Cian

And here’s a better look in CAS. I can’t wait to see him aged up!

And here’s Cade!

And here’s a better look at him in CAS.

Ezra got a promotion for both of his weekend part time jobs! Woohoo!

Is it just me, or is it weird that you can still browse plopsy while your computer is broken?

Brandy and her wife adopted little Arnold. Since his is a C generation baby though, I changed his name to Chad Byers

And this is the point where I got sick of having to rename adopted kids so I turned off adoptions and set the same-sex pregnancy options to 100 percent lol

GUYS! Victor maxed the dancing skill! I was not expecting that at ALL! This makes me happy!

Brooke and her husband welcomed a baby girl into the family!

… we can’t afford our bills… I guess this means that we need to look into solar panels to save money…

Today is the last day of term for these two goons! Bridget has 3 final exams and a term paper. Term paper is done and turned in, so she just has to go to class and she’s done.

Ezra has two final exams, a term paper, and a presentation. Term paper is done and turned in. Presentation is done and he just finished presenting, so all he has to do is finish his classes today too!

Ezra’s reaction to the end of term

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand Bridgets…

Ezra’s final grades for the semester. He managed to raise his GPA from a B- to a B+, so that’s good.

And here’s Bridget’s final grades. Her GPA didn’t change at all.

Ezra re-enrolled, but with a smaller coarse load. The last term kicked my BUTT with trying to keep them alive lol

Bridget also re-enrolled, but she got a full class load so that she can finish and get right into her career.

Ezra will have to take care of the kids lol

Bought some solar panels and water collectors to try and save some money on my bills… we’ll see how this works lol

Bennett and Abigail are expecting!

It’s Caela’s birthday!

And here she is! I love her buck teeth lol

And here’s her CAS photos. Besides her mouth, she’s normal looking!

Bridget and Ezra had a vampiric duel. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. It looked pretty cool! Bridget definitely kicked Ezra’s ass lol

Victor maxed the Rocket Science skill! Victor is earning his keep in this chapter!

Lots of flagging to do!

But first: A death. I’m actually sad about this now. He was very productive this chapter!

And he was laid to rest in the family mausoleum.

…So this seems like a good place to end this chapter. We’ll see you next time! …Hopefully without such a long break.


Chapter 3.3 – Break Ups?

Hello! Welcome back to the Huckles! We start this chapter off with pregnant Bridget off to her uni class! Have fun Bridget!

Ezra sneaks into Bryce’s room to do his homework. Cuz that’s not creepy stalker vampire behavior at ALL

Brandy and Emerson adopted another baby! This one is already named with a C name! But I will have to change the last name to Huckle lol But welcome to the family, Clare!

Ezra has to ask to drink from two different sims so we had to scout some victims. First up was a face you might recognize! That’s Brea Ojo, Aaron’s oldest daughter!

Brenden aged up! We’re off to flag!

Flagged! Now give us your plasma!

This is going to be a habit for us lol

And here’s the second willing victim, his own sister, Destiny! She’s obviously one of Vlad’s descendants. Should have married her…

It’s New Years Eve and Victor went and found Annabelle to give her a midnight kiss.

How adorbs

Ezra and Bridget have been autonomously doing their own homework.

It’s a nice change.

Ummmm. No. Ew.

I somehow missed the fact that Bridget is in labor. Whoops.

Everyone meet Caela! The first of our brood!

And we might as well keep going!

Well, I guess we’ll have to try again later… We have to go to work

Bryce started a project all on his own! (I think) So that’s fun!

heehee, we bought coffins just for coffin woohoo.

Coffin woohoo does the trick! Baby incoming!

We officially can’t afford our bills. Crap.

Grades came in and once again, Ezra proves that he’s a terrible student. Wonderful.

Bridget is killing it though lol

They both re-enrolled and added to our student loan bills. Wonderful

Oops baby FINALLY gets a birthday.

Geez. I’m ready to kick him out.

And here is the ugly oops baby.

And here’s the lovely close ups of his face. Dat profile is amazing lol

Cousin Brogan aged up! So it’s time for a visit! Which is great, Bridget needed a feed lol

Flagged and fed! We’re good to go!

Bridget gets home and she starts doing her homework in Bryce’s room. I dunno why everyone is now obsessed with doing their homework in there while he’s sleeping lol

Caela aged up! And she definitely has her mother’s mouth lol

Here’s a closer look at her in CAS

Bennett finally got married! Welcome to the family, Abigail! And Brandy also got married… To someone besides her girlfriend with whom she has two kids… But welcome to the family, Terri! (Brandy took Terri’s last name lol)

Spoiler: Brandy’s now ex also moves on and gets married and adopts a kid with her new wife a couple of days later lol

Ezra is busy building his vampire points. Since he’s stuck in his aspiration until he’s a freaking Grand Master vampire. So he needs to use lots of vampire powers. Ugh.


*resets so it never happened*

That’s totally not cheating. I in no way told them to get divorced

Caela is not impressed with grandpa Victor

I missed Boyd’s notification for his aging up to YA, so we went and flagged him anyway. And got a midnight snack at the same time

Brooke and her husband are expecting again! Yay!

It’s baby go time!

And it’s twin boys! …I feel like I’m playing my 100 baby challenge right now…

Anyway, that’s where we’ll leave this chapter! Join us again!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Mr. Benji Huckle. Adrian and Melissa’s middle kiddo

Here’s Clare Huckle. Brandy and Emerson’s daughter

This is Caleb Walsh. Brooke and Mike’s oldest

Here’s Terri Byers, Brandy’s new wife.

And this is Abigail, Bennett’s wife

Chapter 3.2 – Off To Uni!

Well Hello! Welcome back! It’s been just over a month since we last checked in with the Huckles! I’m so ready to get back to this family! We have a lot of days to play out as vampires, so I probably won’t take too many photos.

Maybe. We’ll see. I’m very trigger happy on that “c” button.

Not gonna lie, I really want to age this kid up early so we can just kick him out lol

We got our scholarship info back! Bridget nailed it! …Ezra did not… Useless

And then Bridget was accepted at both Universities! And she was accepted in every degree program except the distinguished Fine Arts degree. I’m shocked lol

So we applied to the Foxbury Institute

And we picked Biology (since she’s going to be in the Doctor profession and I want that boost lol) And she’s signed up for 4 classes.

Now I know you guys were excited to campus shenanigans… But since I’m going to have in Uni at the same time plus other sims to take care of, we’re going to stay at home.

And school costs absolutely nothing for Bridget!

And with the Athletic scholarship, Bridget was automatically accepted to the soccer team!

Ezra was also accepted into both universities, but he’s not good enough to be accepted into any of the distinguished degrees.


For Ezra’s career (criminal) we picked the University of Britechester

So he obviously picks Villainy and has a full classload as well

And like Bridget, he stays at home.

And without any scholarships, we owe 6400 for his school. And we have exactly double that (12879) in our household funds. So we’re going to pay from household funds for now.

I lied. With bills tomorrow, I decided it was better to do student loans for now.

With both of them enrolled, it was time to get started on homework!

They both have a MWF class and tomorrow is Monday. But according to the game, they don’t start classes until Tuesday. So they are doing their homework for their TuTh classes.

Not to be left out, Bryce joins in as well!

Bridget has two presentations to complete and Erza has one presentation and a term paper.

Victor is trying to kill himself before he maxes his career. Rude.

Becky and Bertram both aged up to YA, so once Ezra and Bridget finish their homework, we’ll go flag them.

Bertram first!


And then it was Becky’s turn. She wasn’t home when we stopped by, so we had to summon her through MCCC

but *flagged*

Bridget takes a nap after all the travel while Ezra gets started on him project

STILL no promotion from this guy…

Another one we have to go flag!

So we went off to their dingy small apartment and flagged her.


Bridget is working on the last presentation. The other two are at Excellent quality (the highest for presentations) (she does finish this and max the quality out shortly after this.

Ezra also finished his term paper and it’s at outstanding quality, the highest that can go.

So the term hasn’t even started yet and they’re both finished with all their projects/papers. And all their homework is done until after their first classes.

So since school is only during the week, that left the weekend free for work! So Ezra got two part time jobs for the weekend! (We need money… Our bills are over $16K every week…) So he now works as a manual laborer Saturday and Sunday mornings and a babysitter Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Bridget signed up for the same jobs. That meant that she was kicked off the soccer team, but that’s fine. I need the money more.

Aaaaaaaaand then Victor started a damn fire… Now we can afford our bills…


Abigail and Addison died… 😦

Survived the first day of classes and then had a homework session afterwards.


You can die now.


They shut off our power. On Winterfest. Rude.

What do you do when the power is out? Try out your new bat forms duh! A little bat woohoo, anyone?

I found a rocket in our family inventory that I sold, so now we can pay our bills!

…No idea what we’re going to do next monday…


Fun fact: Ezra is not Vlad’s kid.

I’m a little heartbroken now…

Ezra completed a milestone! Now we have our work cut out for us. The ‘Tamed Thirst’ power is for Grand Master Vampires (Level 5) And we’re only at the very BEGINNING of level 2… ugh.

Bridget bat-teleported herself behind the glass in the mausoleum. Dummy

The free stuff from winterfest helped with us getting money. So I’m not worried about our bills on monday anymore lol

Oh crap. That Bat woohoo has resulted in a baby bat incoming! That was sooner than I planned… Oh well! Risky woohoo strikes again!

And this seems like a good place to end this chapter! Join us next time!

Extra Bits:

This is Caleb Walsh. Brooke and Mikes son.

This is Carter Huckle. Brandy and Emerson’s son.

This is Belinda Huckle. Bobblehead and Anika’s youngest

Here’s Byron Ka’anā’anā. Addison and Aleki’s son.

And here’s his twin brother, Bijay. The youngest of that family.

Chapter 3.1 – Where Were We?

Hello! Wow, it’s been over a month since we visited the Huckles! As some of you may know, my dad was in an accident at the end of January. So I’ve been helping my mom take care of him and also have been helping with his physical therapy. So my sim time has really been cut down and I play when I can. Which is usually a little bit here and there. For example, I started taking photos for this chapter on February 27th lol. And since it’s been so long since I’ve even played this save, I had to reacquaint myself with the family. And I’m not gonna lie, I forgot that Bridget had just aged up and taken over. I thought we were still on Annabelle’s generation! It’s been too long!

I did remember that Ezra was still a teen though. But it’s his birthday too!

So we aged him up.

And we wasted no time in popping the question!

He said yes.

I got the notification that we joined the 50-mile-high club. And then I found these two canoodling in the rocket ship.

Back to Bridget, we eloped immediately lol

And here he is after moving in and getting a makeover! I thought his hair really suited him, so I left that and just changed his outfits.

He brings in three new traits: Dog Lover, Loner, and Lazy.

His current aspiration is Computer Whiz. But I have a different one in mind. And it requires something special.

It requires turning him into a vampire!

And then I changed his aspiration to Good Vampire. I figured if I was already doing a vampire aspiration this gen, I’d do another one just to get another one out of the way. There are a total of three, so we’ll have to do another vampire one at some point though.

Also, I forgot about our oops baby. So yeah. He’s still here

Victor needs to do a space mission as his daily task. So he’s back off to space.

Without Annabelle this time lol

Crap. Today is Harvestfest… But I wanna go to wooooork

There are so many damn gnomes that they are stuck. Looks like they are gnot going anywhere.

Praise be, I could still send him to work on the holiday!

Taking care of our meager garden lol

We needed vampire training in order to complete her current milestone. So we invited Caleb over and completed that!

Yeah… Not gonna happen Annabelle. Sorry.

I just remembered that Bridget is going to uni this generation. So I thought it would be nice for Ezra to go as well. Now he’s studying so that he gets good scholarships.

Brady adopted a kiddo with her girlfriend! I changed his name to Carter Huckle to keep with the naming theme.

That’s the one thing about MCCC, it doesn’t tell you which couple is adopting. So I had no idea this was Brandy. If I knew, I would have obviously named him as such when the pop up came up.

Now, Brandy and Emerson are not married. They must be girlfriends or something.

Harvestfest finally ends and so does Annabelle’s time with us. She managed to complete both her career and aspiration goals! She also completed THREE collections for us! The eggs, motivation posters, and the experimental food photos. She did not, however, max any skills. She was 26% away from maxing handiness… So I’ll hold a grudge against that for a while…

And she was laid to rest in the family mausoleum.

Shortly after that, cousin Brad aged up!

So we’re going to go flag him now!

So we flagged him!

Aaaand since Bridget was thirsty and there was a nice body full of plasma right there, we couldn’t resist.

And then his brother set the grill on fire. Way to go dumb ass.

AND THEN the game wouldn’t let me leave while there was a fire on the lot, so I had to put it out so we could go home.

To take his mind off the death of his love, Victor goes for a joy ride.

Ezra finally transitioned into a vampire!

And here’s his dark form! He’s not a crazy looking as Bridget lol

Bridget has spent so much time on the treadmill, that she’s unlocked an achievement!

Look at all the gnomes we have now! There are sooooo many!

I’m not gonna lie, I always forget about our oops baby. I even forgot his name and I had to look it up lol

For the record, it’s Bryce lol

Also, he still has a whole ELEVEN DAYS left before his birthday… He’s going to be around WAY too long… Not a fan.

But I really love risky woohoo because of the fun it throws at me lol

Ezra is at that section of his aspiration that requires him to go days without drinking. So we’re going to be here a while. Especially if my game glitches and doesn’t keep track of the days. I know I’ve seen that happen in other people’s games…

Victor somehow has fame so he gained a fame quirk. I sure you can guess which one… Yup it’s the emotion bomb one. So he’s in the middle of having an emotional meltdown because of Annabelle’s death.

Bridget maxed the Vampire Lore skill! (Surprise, surprise…) But still that’s something to add to our completed list!

University stuff! Ezra can apply for these scholarships!

Side Note: I have the realistic tuition and scholarship mods installed lol

And here are the ones that Bridget can apply for!

Ezra and Bridget had a vampire fight. Bridget won obviously lol

Victor is not impressed with the two of them.

So I bought a laptop the other day, so that I could play sims while outside of my room (give me more time to play while taking care of my dad) and in the process, I missed some things with MCCC. One of those happened to be the birth of Brooke and Mike’s son. I honestly didn’t even know they were expecting! lol Well, his name is currently Isaiah, but it will be renamed to Caleb (to fit the naming scheme) as soon as he becomes a toddler.

But anyway, welcome to the family, Caleb!

And we end this chapter with a shot of Victor drinking the youth potion. It’s Sunday and his next shift is Monday. And according to MCCC, he has one day left of life. And his work performance is “good” so we needed to give him a couple of extra days. So he better get this final promotion, otherwise I’m going to be pissed lol

Anyway! Join us next time for hopefully the start of some university fun! And STUDENT LOANS!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Carter Huckle. Brandy and Emerson’s kiddo

And here’s Bryn Huckle. Aaron and Yasmin’s youngest daughter. And YIKES. That is definitely her father’s mouth lol

And this is Burke Huckle. He’s Adrian and Melissa’s youngest.