Chapter 1.3 – Money Problems

Hello, hello again! Glad to see that Bubba Jay and Bertha didn’t scare you off right away! And now little Aaron is getting in on that ugly action! Let’s see how the family fares in this chapter!

Obviously, this is a very smart place to take a nap. But hey, it’s Bubba Jay.

Bertha spends her time productively and cleans up. (And then I realized I should have used the HoG to move them into the trashcan and earn money from them but oh well)

And Aaron is working on some communication skillz with the kitty

And she’s off to work! Go earn that living, Bertha! We need a house!

Not-So-Cute toddler does something not-so-cute…

Aaaaand he likes to make messes… Ugh.

Why, yes. They are doing EXACTLY what you think they are doing. What can I say? I like big families.

lolololololol! Her eyes don’t even close all the way! I never noticed that!

Baby incoming! Prepare your computer screens!

She didn’t have any morning sickness when she was pregnant with Aaron. So sorry, Bertha.

Someone really likes his bar… Do NOT become like Adam in my ISBI… I do not need another alcoholic sim.

Bertha broke the computer AND the kitchen sink… She’s so special.

Ummmmmm… I don’t think that’s how it works… That looks pretty painful.

Bubba Jay did all the motions like he was playing with Aaron, but all Aaron did was just stand there making that face… The glitch goblins strike again!

House update! We got a TV and a couch! And there’s also a wall for the kitchen back there. We ran out of money just before we could finish it.

See? It left us with 0 simoleons.

And here we see Bertha running away from the scene of her crime. Go back there and fix it, young lady!

Bertha: But I’m tired…

Too bad!

Bubba Jay got a promotion!

And so did Bertha!

And we used that bonus money to build Aaron his own room!

Baby time! And just in time too, look at all that clipping! How does she live?

Ummmm. If you look at the pic before this, you can see that we only have $1… So no way are we gonna be able to afford that…

Obligatory freak out!

Welcome to the ugly, Annabelle!

She does NOT look happy about it…


5 thoughts on “Chapter 1.3 – Money Problems

  1. Omg her face. LMAO She is totally uninterested in being born into this family. Aaron looks to have a bit of ugly going on. I hope it is more noticeable as he (they) ages.
    Holy crap those bills. Think I’m spoiled tempering them in MCCC or something.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol, she really does! I thought the pic was perfect! Her face was amazing! Aaron’s ugly will be a bit more noticeable later, don’t worry!

      Yeah, I need to get the cheaper bills trait… That’s a lot for their tiny house… lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahahahahaha! I was going to keep passing through but Annabelle’s face had me DYING.
    Like “YAY I’M SO HAPPY TO BE BORN-wait… YOU PEOPLE? Shit.”

    Liked by 1 person

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