Chapter 3.9 – Completing even MORE things!

Hello! And welcome BACK to another Huckle update! We’re picking up right where we left off: massive amounts of skilling. Or at least that’s the plan…

So we got them right to work! Bridget is working on logic while Ezra is working on mischief.

Caela is back into the media production.

Cian is still working on knitting.

Weird that knitting is a 10 level skill whereas cross – stitching is a 5 level skill.

Cade is working on Juice fizzing and wellness.

Kid is a master at skilling.

Christian picks up the violin to work on. Remember we’re playing this chapter until he ages up to YA and then we’ll pick an official heir.

And he has 12 days to go yet…

Place your bets whether or not he maxes this skill before then

Caela has entered the world of fame! Have fun!

Ummmm. Wut is this? I’m so confused… Like why is it listed with a book title, but it’s a plantain?


And then it did it with the apples!? Da fuck is going on?!

And that’s another skill completed.

I think at this point, Bridget’s going to try and work on some collections. I’ve only completed 4, so we have a long way to go lol

Ummm… Someone invited Crystal over. Not cool. I don’t like visitors.

Ezra maxed the Mischief skill! Yay! More skills done!

I bought a LOT of holiday crackers so that we can work on the holiday cracker plushie collection.

So far, we’re at two…

Caela finally master the media production skill.

It’s about time.

After HOURS of popping crackers, we finally completed that collection. Thanks Ezra!

All the yoga is making Cade RIPPED

Kinda gross

Caela gets to work on baking. No careers use this skill and I can honestly say I’ve never been past level 2 lol

So fun times ahead!

Bridget maxed the rocket science skill while trying to complete the space rocks and aliens collections!

Ezra completed the Voidcritter collection! Woohoo!

That one was expensive lol

And then Bridget completed the space rocks! For a collection with only four items in it… it sure took a long time to finish it…

Cian finally maxed the knitting skill.

He won’t be done thought until he finishes making all the clothing items lol

The gnome hoard is on the move. It must be harvestfest lol

Um. Why can’t I add candles to this carrot cake?! Rude. Some people have carrot cakes for their birthday.

Bridget is installing the wormhole generator so that we can travel to Sixam. And Ezra is in the telescope looking for space prints.

Because I always forget that some collectables are found through OBJECTS

Crystal aged up! Time to flag!


Crystal: Rude. I wanted babies.

Too bad!

This kid maxed the violin skill. And he still has 8 days until he ages up. Great.

So he gets to work on the guitar skill now. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll finish that one too.

Elements collection complete! (Minus the one from GTW. Still not sure why none of the expansion pack items count towards the collections. But meh.)

Wormhole generator finished, so we headed off to Sixam!

So we did some collecting and met some aliens!

It was a fun and productive trip!

We completed both the alien and geodes collections while we were there!

AND THEN Bridget maxed the gardening skill.

Now I can buy the rare seed packets and look for the magic beans!

So this came through my notifications and I got confused because she’s not on my list of kids in this generation. But her facial features are OBVIOUSLY Huckle. So I had to dig through the family tree to see that she is the kid that Belinda had before I was able to flag her.

So we summoned her so that we could flag her.

Only to discover that I had already done that. Past Mojo was on TOP of things. Future Mojo is falling apart at the seams lol

Magic Beans complete!

Which allowed us to grow the Magic Bean PORTAL!

Which we’ll explore when we’re no longer vampires. Since I know Hybrids kill the game in TS4.

Cian knits anywhere and everywhere now lol

Cade maxes TWO other skills bringing his total up to FOUR.

Kid deserved a break lol

This tree is so beautiful at night!

Caela maxed the baking skill! Woohoo!

Ezra completed the Space Print collection! Woohoo!

Ezra was offered a job.

Not gonna happen. I put a lot of work into the one that he has.

BAHAHAHAHA! All the stargazing in the observatory has caught the attention of the aliens.

Have a good trip, Ezra!

The base game fossil collection is complete. Still need the ones from Jungle Adventures

Caela’s back to her normie lifestyle again. No more fame for her!

Bridget and Caela decorated the tree for Winterfest.

Looks like it’s going well, isn’t it? hahahaha

Christian managed to max the guitar skill as well before his birthday.

Which is still 4 days away…

Here’s the round of gifts from Father Winter! My favorites include a large pet poop for Ezra and sadness and lies for Bridget.

And here’s the haul from under the tree. Again, sadness and lies came up. But this time for Christian.

We also came away with TWO Slablets! So that’s cool!

ABORT ABORT ABORT! Someone make him sad! Or Inspired! Or anything else that won’t kill him!

After a thoughtful shower and some stargazing, we managed to get him inspired.

That was close.

I’ve never actually had a sim die of hysteria before and I’m saving that for my achievement challenge.

Plus, Ezra has a career to finish yet

We gave Bridget the Nerd Brain aspiration. Since she’s going to be around for a while and she’s practically finished half of it. So meh.

Plus I want the instant upgrade so we can upgrade ALL the stuffs in our house lol

I forgot that Ezra was making a servo. So we finished that.

And added him to the family! Welcome Servo!

I’m now accepting suggestions for names for him.

I took the robo arm off of Ezra because he maxed the skill and finished the Servo. So we’re DONE with the arm!

Well, that happened.

Love getting pranked by random sims that we don’t know

Ummmmmmmm… Do I want to know?

Ezra: No.

Fair enough.

Bridget got a second aspiration and so did Ezra. He’s doing the Chief of Mischief aspiration now. Since he’s got most that done

Oh man. Time for some traveling.

*whines* but I don’t wanna go anywhere!

Time to visit old family members lol

We welcome the death flower into our garden.

I’ve never grown one EVER. So I’m hyped.

We went off to clog drains. I think it would go faster if Ezra was actually using the wrench ON THE SINK


Ha. That’s funny.

Get over it Boyd

I found this family while looking for Huckle houses. How cool is that family name!?

I would name the kids Inda and Wherda. Ha. Get it Inda Kitchen? Wherda Kitchen?

… I’ll see myself out.

One of the houses we went to had a mini graveyard in it’s living room.


And Ezra officially completed his second aspiration!

And boom! That’s another aspiration complete!


Thank God. I think I would have DIED trying to find more stuff to do while waiting.

And as he ages up, that brings us to the END of Generation B!

Which brings us to an heir poll! CLICK HERE to go vote! (There’s also a poll HERE on boolprop if you wanna get in a second vote!)

Also, what’s with his eyes? Weird.

Extra Bits:

This is Carson Huckle. Bennett and Abigail’s middle kiddo

And here’s his little brother, Clark!

This is Colin Huckle. Bryce and Kyla’s son.

And this is his twin sister, Carley.