Chapter 1.5 – I’m Gonna Need Help

Hello there dear readers! I’m glad you’re back and ready for more ugly! If you remember, Aaron and Annabelle both had birthdays and we welcomed Adrian to the family! But enough about last chapter! Let’s move onto this chapter, shall we?

We begin with Bertha and her broken computer. She’s been a writing fiend and it broke… Whoops

Aaron has just finished his homework! Such a good kid!

Annabelle is babbling away with the stuffed kitty. Sorta like when I hold conversations with my puppy. Wait, you don’t do that? It’s just me? Oh…

And here’s little Adrian, sleeping away. Which is what I wish I was doing lol

And now Bubba Jay is home from work! Everybody say “Hi Bubba Jay!”

lol, Aaron looks like a waddling duck when he does his potty walk!

Because I love the ugly so much (and because I’m a glutton for punishment…) we’re trying for another baby!

Confetti means only one thing! We were successful! We have a baby on the way!

Aaron was not a fan of his little brother. Tough nuggets buddy!

Annabelle’s doing some skilling! You know… She kinda adorable for this ugly family. Are you sure she wasn’t adopted?

Yes, I’m positive.

Oh. Okay then.

House update! Lots of stuff to cover here. Lets start with the…

Master bedroom: Made it bigger. Also added a specified area for babies. Moved the door

“Master” bathroom: made it bigger and moved the door

Toddler room: downsized

Aaron’s room: completely new

2nd Bathroom: completely new

Kitchen: added new counter tops and bar seating. I’m not a huge fan of this layout and I’m sure that I’ll change at some point.

Bertha: *gasp* It’s so ugly!

Aaron: MOM!

Bertha *shocked* He’s one of MINE!?

*facepalm* He is. And you have no room to talk. You are even MORE ugly. Look, your arms go right though your boobs.

Oooooh! I forgot to mention that BOTH bathrooms have the unbreakable toilet! I feel so accomplished lol

Miss Whale made grilled cheese. I thought about giving her the grilled cheese aspiration, but…… naaaaahhhh

This little guy is Adrian! As you can see, he had a birthday!

And here are his CAS pics! Interesting lol

I’m hoping to have a room and/or basement with all the kids’ pictures and birth certificates! *crosses fingers that I don’t ever forget! lol*

Miss Whale is HUGE! There better not be twins in there! lol I’m sick of multiples

Both Bubba Jay and Bertha got promoted! You guys are awesome!

Bertha’s baby bump is so big that it’s clipping into the new chess table lol.

And Aaron’s duck face is super noticeable here

School project time! Thank goodness. He’s really annoying, he follows Bertha around all the time

Bertha? That’s maybe not a good place to pass out…

It’s baby time!

And Bertha didn’t react at ALL to the labor pains… She’s so weird.

I can’t get over how BIG she is! lol

Or the fact that she doesn’t even fit into the operating table! It cracks me up EVERY TIME


Well, they wouldn’t take them back, so we had to bring them home. From left to right we have Andrew, Abigail, and Addison.

Triplets… My game fuckin’ hates me. I’ve had twins or triplets in EVERY one of my stories. And only one of my saves have the fertility trait and the ley line lot trait. Not gonna lie, I almost cheated for a single…

Well, anyway. Join us next time for the nightmare that is ugly triplets!

6 thoughts on “Chapter 1.5 – I’m Gonna Need Help

  1. When you made that comment about ‘I hope it’s not multiples’ I thought ‘lololol what if it was actually triplets tho’.

    Boom, welcome to the ugly. What is that, six kids now?


    1. Right when she got pregnant I check it in MCCC and I saw it was triplets, I wanted to quit right then and there lol! I got so mad! I was really only planning on 4 kids, but ended up with 6… At least the house is full and I can’t have anymore triplets…lol


  2. Somehow and for some reason I’m reading the founding gen and the first gen at the same time – but anyway, I love reading this legacy because of your commentary, and my, those are some ugly Sims! Good job 😁

    Isn’t it weird how you get multiples when you don’t want them, and you can’t get them when you do want them? Or maybe that’s just me.


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