Chapter 1.2 – All The Promotions

Hello there! I see you’re back to see more ugly. If you remember from last time, there was a lot of ugly. And guess what? We have even more ugly in this chapter with a nooboo on the way! So let’s get started!

They finally decided that it was time to clean up all their dirty dishes that they were leaving all around the place.

Look at all that clipping going on here! But at least it doesn’t stop her from doing her writing!

…Don’t judge. It’s really the only way to pass the time. Plus it helps their fun so…

Bubba Jay got a promotion! Woohoo!

Makeway! There’s a whale coming through!

Here’s Bubba Jay getting to work with our new bar! Hopefully they don’t turn into alcoholics like Adam did in my ISBI…

And look! Bertha got a promotion too!

And here we have TBDTITL!! The Best Damn Trashcan In The Land! Now we can make money with our trash!

It’s baby time people!

Obligatory freakout pic! Also, she’s sooooo big!


Welcome to the ugly family, Aaron! I’m sure he’s crying because his leg is currently stuck in his mother’s boob. That’s gotta be uncomfortable.

He looks so…normal. Not Bubba Jay, I’m talking about Aaron. Don’t worry, Aaron, you’ll fit into the family. No worries!

Bertha finally came home from work and we can finally pay the bills… money troubles *le sigh*

Bubba Jay got another promotion!

And then Bertha got another promotion! These guys are killing it!

With all the bonus money, we were able to build a bedroom! And we bought a new bed for Bertha and Bubba Jay!

Bertha randomly spun into her hospital gown… it was really weird. And it’s not the first time that she’s done it either… This has never happened in my games before lol

Aaron aged up so we had to buy all the toddler stuff! (Don’t mind Bertha and Bubba Jay cleaning up…)

Here’s little baby Aaron all grown up! Read about the fiasco with him growing up below.

So Aaron originally had his birthday, then he glitched. He wouldn’t leave Bubba Jay’s arms, but he wasn’t registered as being picked up.  And he also turned into a face one, which has never happened to me before. It was weird. And then when I went into CAS to try and fix it, he appeared as a baby and I couldn’t change him. I was annoyed, so I left CAS determined to age him up again and get this fix, only to find HE HADN’T BEEN BORN YET! The game had gone back in time to when Bertha was in labor. I was pissssssed! So I had to replay the last two days all over again. *eye roll* but we’re back on track now and hope this won’t happen when I play the game next lol


2 thoughts on “Chapter 1.2 – All The Promotions

  1. That happened to me too! Most annoying glitch ever. I had to go back to a previous save since I do save every hour and didn’t miss much.
    Good luck with the replay.


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