Chapter 4.1 – Who’s In Charge Now?

Well hello! Long time no see! Sorry it’s been so long, but I was really close to finishing my Apocalypse Challenge, so I just focused on that for a while to get that done! And now we’re back!

If you remember from that long ago, we ended with an heir poll! So lets find out who we’ll be playing with for this generation!



























IT’S CIAN! Woohoo! Thank you thank you thank YOU! I love him and he was my first pick!

He ended up with almost 70% of the votes so it was overWHELMINGLY in his favor. Seriously. 37/53 total votes. Caela was second with 8 total votes. Cade and Christian both ended up with 4 votes each.

So! Without further ado! Let’s get this generation GOING!

First things first, we needed a couple of vampire cures. We only had enough for two right away. So Caela and Cade got them first.

Human again!

Well, for the first time. They were born vampires lol

Also, weird to see them in their normal forms. The family tends to just live in their dark forms

And then we moved them out of the house.

On with your lives!

Next order of business was inviting over cousin Cory to flag him since he’s recently aged up to YA as well

First order for Cian was to apply for scholarships. He’ll be doing university!

As will his partner

Speaking of, here she is! Her name is Andrea and I made her specifically to breathe some UGLY back into the family lol

Her aspiration is Successful Lineage and her traits are perfectionist, foodie, and bookworm. All four of which will be new things to cross off of our checklist of things.

To keep Cian and Andrea roughly the same age, we turned her into a vampire.

Plus it’ll be easier for university when she’s a vampire lol

She’ll also be attending university

If that wasn’t clear lol


I figured since Bridget maxed her career and two aspirations and we don’t have enough ingredients for more vamp cures, we’ll get her back into university and get some more degrees lol

We also had Andrea and Cian both sent out their applications.

So the Werewolves pack added to the space prints collection, which means I had to pull out all the other prints and start it again to finish it.



Aaaahhh. University homework. Never gets old.

We finally got enough ingredients for another vamp cure potion! So we gave it to Christian and moved him out of the house!

Okay, I love the servo. But I don’t want to take care of it. So We’re going to move it out into a different house lol

Awe look at the cute couple

Woohoo! We’re engaged!

Cian got some scholarships! Woo! Not that we need it. With the money trees we have lol

Andrea and Cian both got accepted into university and were able to sign up for classes. Andrea is doing a Fine Arts Degree and Cian is doing a Language & Literature Degree.

Cian was also accepted onto the soccer team! lol

Awe look at them! Doing homework together!


Oh look! Vamp time!

Oh man! Her dark form is PERFECT! I’m not changing anything lol!

A Huckle adopted a cat?! WHO WAS IT?!


I dunno why, but that amuses me greatly that it’s the servo lol

I forgot how much I had the presentations for university…




THIS IS THE BEST THING TO HAVE HAPPENED TO ME! Vlad tried to break in to feed on one of my sims, but WE’RE ALL VAMPIRES! HE CAN’T! I’m literally DYING right now!

Oh man. This is the best! The Sims is great

The bowling lane has to go. Andrea keeps stop writing her term paper to go bowling. It’s never going to get finished at this rate lol

I changed Ezra’s aspiration to the fabulously wealthy one to try and earn more SP, only for him to complete it IMMEDIATELY lol

So, that’s another aspiration down!

On accident lol

I wondered if it would work for Bridget too, and it did lol

Yeah… We’re rich.

I almost want to bulldoze everything and set the money to 0 again

Which reminded me to check what Cian’s aspiration was because I FORGOT what one he had.

Oh great. I have to make more vampires…

I think I’ll make them vamps and then when they fully turn, I’ll cheat them back to human so that I don’t have a whole bunch of rouge vamps running around lol

Bridget and Ezra got their Vampire cures! Don’t worry. They’ll still be around for a while since their still YA…

I thought about aging them up with cakes, but I’m going to see how much we can squeeze out of them

They may just be professional students and get all the degrees lol

Look at these two study buddies! I’d say they’re cute… But… noooooo

I have to say though, it’s nice to have my vamps walking around in their normal form and not their dark form.

Caela got married! To a Caliente!

Awe, Bertha! Why so blue?

Bertha: I never got to be a vampire…

…really? That’s why?


okay okay, geez

This is the face of a hardened criminal. A criminal with a PROMOTION! Woohoo!

He’s level 8 now. Just two more promotions to go!

And we’ll end this chapter with a wedding!

Well, an elopement…

I mean, who has time for an actual wedding?

And obviously a wedding isn’t complete without a little celebration!

Well, that’s it for this one! Join us next time for more Huckle Fun!

Well, it might be a while again. I’m going to do SimNaNoWriMo over on boolprop this July and I plan on doing my newest challenge (Ms Robinson Makes Babies) for that.

Extra Bits:

Here’s a closer look at Caela’s new beau, Raul Caliente!

I can’t wait to see their kids lol


8 thoughts on “Chapter 4.1 – Who’s In Charge Now?

  1. Yaaaaaay Cian! Congrats on becoming heir! I gotta be honest, I don’t remember if I voted in the heirpoll, but c’mon, Cian was the choice lol. Also, loving that you’re bringing the ugly back into the mix lol I think the sims 4 is too good at getting read of the ugly sometimes
    Good luck with all the uni and stuff! Good thing about vampires is thag they get lots of things done lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I was going to try and go every 5 generations before adding more ugly, but seeing how normal Cian looked made me realize that we need more ugly sooner than later lol


  2. I applaud you wanting to do two students in University at once. I can barely manage one at a time it seems. And I don’t even bother sending the non-heirs so they don’t end up perpetual students.
    Time for my regular “poke fun of the ugly” if Andrea had fur, she’d be a Chimpanzee. That was my first thought seeing her face. Sorry!
    But they are cute together.

    Actually, I’ve used the giant ears on one of my sims, but her hair is styled so it’s less obvious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s actually 3 going at the same time lol Bridget, Cian, and Andrea are all going at the same time. And it helps that they’re vampires. They don’t need to sleep!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re crazy. Right about them = being vampires and not needing to sleep, which will help. But still crazy. 🙂 Good luck balancing all those classes and term papers and presentations.

        Liked by 1 person

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