Chapter 3.7 – All The Lifestyles!

So it’s been a hot minute since I last played this and Cade walking around in his dark form scared me.

Yikes is all I can say

Getting over the initial shock of Cade, we got the teens to work on their homework.

And Christian is working just as hard on his skills. I’m not confident that he’s going to get top-notch toddler, but we’re going to try!

How come ya’ll forgot to tell me that there are vampire recipes?! I didn’t know this (or I might have just forgotten) But he we are actually making stuff with all of our plasma fruit

Oh crap. I forgot…

So we had a visit from the repo man… *sigh*

And he took our wall art. At least it wasn’t anything important lol

I was hoping to drain the repo man, but he left too quick for us. So Bridget had to make do with some townies.

It’s New Year’s Eve. It’s literally the only time the entire family is in the same room at the same time lol

Midnight hits and Ezra and Bridget share a midnight kiss

While Cade and Caela share a midnight hug! How cute!

Also, Christian looks super excited about the hug lol

Caela and Cian were both in need of plasma, so they invited over their own “plasma bags” to fill their needs.

Cade needed it too, but then I got the popup that it was time for Bridget to go to work

Where we had a medial emergency. I wish it was labor though. Bridget needs to deliver a baby for her promotion.

We filled our work task bar and decided to go look for donors. We saw this guy walking around and guess what? HE WAS THE REPO MAN! REVENGE IS OURS!

Hi Victor! Enjoying the chips?

I forgot that we were working on some skills too. So here we are getting them back to that.

I should have one of them do the medium skill lol

Ezra’s indoorsy! Just like me!

Why can’t we just get a pregnant sim? My goodness!

We were finally able to pay off Bridget’s student loans!

But it’s going to be forever before we’re able to pay off Ezra’s…

On a more positive note, it’s Christian’s birthday!

And here he is after his makeover. He’s actually kinda cute. For a Huckle.

And here he is in CAS. At this point I’d say he’s on par with Cade in looks just because of the eyes

Also, I feel really bad, but this is the last time you see him in this update lol

This came through MCCC and I have no idea who this Carolina is. She doesn’t actually belong to any of my extended families. The only thing I can think of is that she was married to one of the cousins before I flagged them.

Well I renamed her because I don’t need to be confused every time she comes through MCCC lol

Now Carter on the other hand, IS a Huckle. He’s one of Brandy’s kids. Which means he should have been flagged. Whoops. So we’re off to do that.

So we headed over and deleted their relationship and then flagged him. I didn’t realize we were at the point where I needed to keep an eye out for Young Adult cousins! lol

And we made it a feeding frenzy! lol we fed on literally the whole family. Even the Ex-Wife

Poor Ezra had to make due with Plasma Packs since he’s too “good” for feeding.


Not to get stuck in the same situation as Carter, I discovered that Caleb (Brooke’s oldest) is also a Young Adult. So we headed over to flag him before he could get caught up with MCCC

Geez. They could be twins!

Yay! No penalties in our bills!

It’s a tax break of $2,853! That’s a LOT!

There’s gotta be something in the water since we have collapsed sims every time we go to work.


Funny story: Benji is a Dog Dude lol

Hey! Bridget also gained the Indoorsy lifestyle! SHOCKER!

And then she also gained the Technophobe Lifestyle lol

Ezra is finally useful and maxes the pipe organ skill.

Damn Bridget. How many lifestyles do you need?!

At least she’s maxed the handiness skill lol

Ezra’s next skill to work on is photography. (yuck)

And Bridget will be working on the medium skill.

Ezra got his second lifestyle

Geez. This update is lifestyle heavy.

Bridget summoned these little demons.

She offered her soul (which apparently she still has even though she’s a vampire lol) and got some “forbidden candy”

It made her energized

Damn! The dead are fiesty!

Imagine seeing these guys walking around your neighborhood at night. Definitely the stuff of nightmares.

Bridget looks annoyed that Ezra dragged her along for a photoshoot lol

On their way home, they picked up some fast food for the kiddos

Bennett and his wife are having an oops baby lol

Ezra completed his aspiration!


And then Bridget completed her aspiration!

We’re making all kinds of progress today!

And after a “take photo” spam, Ezra maxes the photography skill!

Thank god. I hate maxing that skill

Also, just so you all know, money is no long a problem for us lol

So much so, that we were able to pay off Ezra’s entire loan balance at once!

When you get so into communing with the dead, you become a ghost to relate.

We finally got the baby emergency! YES!


With that baby, we were finally able to get that promotion!

Caela earned a lifestyle!

Medium skill maxed! Woohoo!

Then she moves onto the singing skill.

Vampires are good for one thing, that’s for sure. With no need to sleep, there’s extra skilling time! lol

And we’re back to the collapsed sims. And this one is a Huckle!

HA! I didn’t miss the notification this time! Yus!

But then in the same round of MCCC, this happened. *sigh* But since Clare is an adopted Huckle, I’ll allow this pregnancy.

Big sister Brooke died. 😦 now everyone in the family is sad. Yippie

I forgot Caela’s birthday. She’s now a Young Adult.

Now normally I’d do an heir poll at this point. But I want to see how Christian looks as a teen before I open it. And also, since they’re all going to be doing the same aspiration (the last vampire one) the age thing isn’t an issue at the moment. So we’ll run an heir poll when Christian ages up.

Now that that’s cleared up, we’re ending this chapter here since we’re already at over 70 screenshots. And it’s getting pretty long lol

Extra Bits:

This is Crystal Walsh. Brooke and Mike’s youngest

This is Chad Byers. Brandy and Terri’s youngest

And this is Carson Huckle. Bennett and Abigail’s youngest.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.7 – All The Lifestyles!

    1. I love the dark forms of all the kids, they’re hilarious lol! Also, those are a ton of lifestyles!

      Can’t wait for the heirpoll, the Huckles heirpolls are always a treat lol

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