Chapter 2.14 – Young Love

I’m not gonna lie, I forgot that Bridget had lost all that weight hahaha!

Victor’s daily task is to do space missions. So we had to buy a rocket to do that. Hopefully this will help with the promotion thing lol

Adrian died 😦

And then right after he died, his widow had his baby. Welcome to the family, Burke.

I dunno what Bridget’s gonna do when Bennett moves out. He’s her number one source of plasma right now lol

Rocket got finished so Victor went off on his space mission!

Since Bridget still has 7 days before her birthday we’ve been working on our relationship with Ezra Straud. I’ve decided that he’s gonna be Bridget’s spouse when she takes over lol

Bennett is in a mood. A bad one.

Also, you can see he was recently the victim of Bridget’s thirst. Maybe that’s why he’s in a bad mood.

Ezra came over! We learned that he’s a loner and a dog lover. Which are two new traits so he’s perfect.

I had to build their relationship the hard way since it was raining and we couldn’t stargaze lol

Victor is hard are work upgrading the rocket. He needs something to do since he’s out of work for the next FOUR days…

Ezra came home from school with Bridget!

Andrew died. We’re losing all the A generation 😦

Ezra and Bridget became BFFs!

It was Bennett’s birthday!


Victor is starting to lose it in his old age lol. That’s obviously not the way to cook food

I decided VERY last minute that Bridget will be going to university. And she’s a C student lol so we need to work to bring her grades up because I want her to get into the distinguished Biology degree so that we can get a leg up in the doctor career lol

Annabelle randomly took out her anger on the trash can. Damn emotion bomb quirk.

Brooke got married and is expecting! Congratulations!

Victor got a promotion! Only one more until he maxes his career!!

Bridget attacks her mother lol

Bryce finally had his birthday!

Here he is!

And here he is in CAS. I’ve gotta say, he’s looking pretty ugly!

Well that was productive…

Thanks a lot, Bubba Jay. Breaking all my plumbing. Rude

We managed to get Bridget’s grades up to an A in two days! Thank you extra credit projects!

Ezra came home with Bridget again! And we’re stepping their relationship up a notch!

Well… maybe a couple of notches.

Like all the way up to boyfriend and girlfriend!

And exchanging promise rings? I didn’t even know that was a thing! I never do teenage relationships lol

And then they did naughty stuff in the shower lol

And it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Birthday time!

So join us next time when Bridget (and Ezra) take over for the start of generation B!

Extra Bits:

This is Mick Walsh. Brooke’s new husband!

This is Byron Ka’anā’anā. Addison and Aleki’s son

And here’s Bijay Ka’anā’anā. Byron’s “twin” brother lol

And here’s Boyd Caliente. Abigail and Roderick’s youngest.

This is Brenden Huckle. Adrian and Melisa’s oldest.

And here’s his brother, Benji. No idea where the blue hair came from lol especially since he had blonde hair when he was a toddler

And here’s their youngest brother, Burke.

This is Brogan Huckle. Bobblehead and Anika’s daughter.

And here’s her younger sister, Belinda.

Chapter 2.13 – Vamps And Babes

Happy new year everyone! If you remember where we left off last time, Annabelle surprised us with an oops baby, the family got ugly, Brooke became a young adult, and we ended on an heir poll!

So let’s find out who won!!



















































Bridget is the winner! And she looks SUPER excited about that lol

Here’s how the votes stacked up:

  1. Bridget – 1st
    • Votes on Boolprop: 5
    • Votes on Blog: 15
    • Total: 20
  2. Tie: Brandy and the Unborn Baby -2nd
    • Votes on Boolprop: 2
    • Votes on Blog: 7
    • Total: 9
  3. Bennett – 4th
    • Votes on Boolprop: 1
    • Votes on Blog: 4
    • Total: 5
  4. Brooke – 4th
    • Votes on Boolprop: 0
    • Votes on Blog: 0
    • Total: 0

As you can see, Bridget dominated the vote. I knew within three days that she was gonna win. I was a little surprised to see that the Unborn Baby managed to get 9 votes even though we have no idea what he looks like lol. And then there’s Brooke who didn’t get a single vote lol

And with the vote over and Brooke obviously not the winner, we could kick her out. See ya later! Have lots of ugly babies for me!

Well I guess since her aspiration is master vampire, I should probably get her turned… *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

So we headed off to Forgotten Hollow to find Vlad. c

Who apparently has a toddler

And they already have a negative relationship. Great, now we have an uphill battle lol

Well, after a really rough night and only making their relationship worse, I called it a night. We were getting no where. I’ll have to find Lilith or Caleb…

The next day, we headed over to Caleb’s place in the hopes that things go better.

Plus we’re waiting for the plasma fruit, garlic, and wolfsbane to spawn so we can have the ingredients for the cure when we need it lol

Caleb was MUCH more receptive to us. I knew we should have gone to him first lol

Now that that’s done, we’re just waiting for the ingredients.

While waiting for our plants to sprout, Bridget managed to get to level 2 of the research and debate skill… lol


I started to miss the fam, so I invited them over so that they could join in on the fun!

…It’s not fun. I’m really bored waiting for them to grow fruit.

Ummmm… What? It looks like Adrian is expecting an oops baby as well. Damn

Finally all the fruit grew, so we could FINALLY go home.

Got home and we planted everything right away

I thought about building a green house, but they stay in season all year so I’m not gonna worry about it. Plus with how often it rains in Brindleton Bay, they’ll stay watered if they’re not covered.

Since the pregnancy gave Annabelle a couple more days of life we used it to keep upgrading the house. Maybe we’ll have everything upgraded before she dies!

Also, she’s huge.

Fuck me man… I walked away from my computer for 30 seconds to grab a bottle of water and I missed Bridget’s transformation into a vampire. I am a terrible watcher lol

And this is her dark form. In case anyone wanted to see it lol

Annabelle is showing off the new items in all the kids bedrooms. Each room now has a desk (designed for homework use, but I doubt it’ll ever get used since they like to do it on a bed.) and one that will eventually have a computer on it. We just didn’t have enough to 5 more computers lol

Especially since I want the unbreakable ones hahaha

I thought these plants had died at first. I was so mad lol, then I switched control to Annabelle and the green clouds went away. That’s when I realized that the green clouds were only there when Bridget was selected! It’s obviously a vampire thing since those are our garlic plants hahahaha

This just shows you how often I play with vampires lol

It’s oops baby time!


…I agree old man… I agree.

I’m still not sure how I feel about our dead brother being our doctor…

Well MCCC didn’t lie and it was a single boy who we named Bryce. And he’s gonna be around for a reallllllyyyyy long time. *sigh*

As the heir, I thought it would be nice to try and get Bridget into shape before her reign begins. And since she doesn’t have to sleep anymore, she’ll be spending a lot of time here.

Hopefully lol

We aged Annabelle up as SOON as her age bar started bubbling. She was already at 0 when she got pregnant, so we only had to wait a couple hours after Bryce was born.

I about DIED when I got the pop up to select a branch for Victor! It finally happened! We got to level 8!

I almost missed this! We almost had a disaster!

So we’re off on an adventure!

Nice of Brody to spawn for me outside so I don’t have to knock on the door.


Brittney scared me a little since she wasn’t home when I went to her house. But thankfully I stayed a while because apparently she has a job, so I just had to wait for her to get back.


Bridget has really slimmed down! Lookin’ Good! Should we redo the heir poll?

Bridget: HECK NO!

We apparently we had a Unique EA Sim.

Now we don’t

Look at little Bryce! He’s a little cutie! So far, I’m glad he didn’t win the heir poll. But most toddlers are cute, so ya never know.

Well, that looks uncomfortable…

And it was finally Brandy’s birthday!

And we kicked her out! Adios!

Well, this chapter is getting pretty long, so I’m gonna end it here. Bridget has 8 days left before she officially takes over as heir. So I’m going to try and squeeze all that out in the next chapter. So join us next time for hopefully the end of Generation A!

Extra Bits:

This is Brad Caliente. Abigail and Roderick’s middle kid.

And this is Benji Huckle. Adrian and Melissa’s son.

This is Bryn Huckle. Aaron and Yasmin’s youngest daughter.

Here’s Becky Huckle. Aaron and Yasmin’s oldest.

THIS is Bertram Huckle. He gets a special full body shot because his body proportions are HILARIOUS. Anyway, he’s the spawn of Bobblehead and Anika.

And this is Brenda Ka’anā’anā. Addison and Aleki’s oldest.


Chapter 2.12 – Oops…

Hello! Welcome back to the ugly! We start this chapter with Brooke and Bennett! Bennett is busy working out and Brooke is looking at him like he’s crazy.

Which is what I usually do when someone says they are working out.

But also, Bennett looks fabulous right here lol

Bridget has a birthday in a couple of days. Brooke ages up to a young adult soon. Like her age bar is bubbling. But I want Bridget to be a teen before I open an heir poll.

But the good news is that we are close to finishing this generation!

Going through our achievements and stuff, I’ve realized that Annabelle has not completed a skill yet. So she’s still working on handiness, which is at level 9.

Also, she becomes an elder in 2 days

Haaaaaa, Brandy is clipping through the chess board.


It’s lottery day! So both Victor and Annabelle participated. Even though we probably won’t win.

Everyone is at work or school, so Annabelle went around and was working on upgrading things again

Right now we’re upgrading our gaming system to be unbreakable

Another day passes and it’s another day that Victor doesn’t bring home a promotion. *le sigh*

Poor Bennett is sick.

Which apparently fucked up his fingers… Has anyone seen this before? I know I haven’t lol

Brooke aged up into adulthood in the bathroom. I left her to age up on her own so that there wasn’t quick as much time between her aging up and Bridget aging up.

Which worked out because the difference went from 48 hours to 24ish hours lol

Brandy is the first kid to try and do her homework with out any push from me. Which is  a shocker

Uh oh. We got the notification.

So it was time to give him the youth potion.

No dying until you top your career, buddy

We lost the lottery. Lame

Brooke ages up and has started to hit up the bar. Alcoholic.

Yay! Something happened! Annabelle topped her career! So we can check that off our list!

And age bars are close to bubbling, so it’s birthday time for Annabelle and Bridget!


I tried to get Annabelle to go first, but there wasn’t an option.

And if you read my other stories, you know I have risky woohoo turned on.

So I started to get nervous…


Oops babies are the worst.

But at least we were able to get Bridget aged up.

And here she is!

And here she is in CAS. She definitely looks a lot like Annabelle.

I honestly don’t know how y’all are gonna pick an heir lol

So it’s time for the heir poll! Go over HERE to vote!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Belinda Huckle. Andrew and Anika’s youngest

And this is Byron Ka’anā’anā. Addison and Aleki’s son

And this is his twin brother, Bijay! They’re twins but the LOOK SO DIFFERENT!! hahaha

This is Boyd Caliente. Abigail and Roderick’s youngest


Chapter 2.11 – We’re back!

Why hello! And welcome back! …I know… It’s been a really long time. September was SimNaNoWriMo and then I took october off of simming. And I did manage a couple of updates on my other stories in November… But PlanetZoo took over as well as PlanetZoo let’s plays… But we’re back now! (for however long this binge lasts lol)

And we begin this chapter off Annabelle heading off to work. And just to remind me where she’s at with her career, she’s at level 9 and just needs one more skill point for both writing and gourmet cooking.

Meanwhile, Victor is in an even worse spot than Bertha was as an elder. He’s only at level 6 of the astronaut career. He only works 3 days a week and now that he’s old, we need to be careful with his fitness training…

I think a youth potion is going to be in order for this guy. *sigh*

Brandy had an accident… Dummy

Addison and Bobblehead are both expecting babies.

Weird to think that Generation A is still having babies even though Aaron died.

Such dedication! Going to work on Winterfest!

Actually he’s mad because I made him go, lol. Too bad.

Annabelle decided to watch some TV, but obviously thought that there wasn’t enough available seating…

Brandy had a birthday and I forgot about it. Whoops…

And here she is in CAS. Her face to neck ratio reminds be a LOT of bobblehead.

And her profile is amazing lol

Adrian and Melisa are expecting again!

One of the skills I want Annabelle to complete before she dies is Handiness. So she’s currently running around the house upgrading stuff.

HA! No way is Brooke going to college! (Mainly because I don’t wanna deal with it at the moment and she doesn’t have the aspiration for it lol)


That still only puts him at level 7… but hey, it’s forward progress.

Bubba Jay broke both our shower and our sink, but then felt bad and started mopping it up.

Too bad he didn’t just FIX the damn things. But I guess that’s okay. That way Annabelle gets some extra practice.

Look! It’s Bennett’s birthday!

And I remembered!

Look at his cute derpy self!

Here he is in CAS. He’s not completely ugly. Which is unfortunate. And since this is an ugly heir generation, I don’t think he’s going to qualify.

Victory for Victor! (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself lol) He completed the frog collection!

And we’re getting a jump start on the rocket science skill. He’s got his logic where it needs to be, his fitness is on level 9, so the only thing left to work with is the Rocket science skill. So that’s what we’re doing now!

New kiddos have arrived! Addison had twin boys, Byron and Bijay. And Bobblehead’s wife had a baby girl named Belinda!

Off to, what is hopefully, our last trip to the restaurant for a while. We need seven more pictures to complete the experimental food photos and we only have six family members. So we’ll see if we can manage to get them all while we’re here.

And success! Another collection complete! Since most of these were taken by Annabelle, she gets the credit. So that makes three collections completed by Annabelle!

Victor hides out in the currently unused toddler room to do some studying.

Adrian and his wife had their baby! It’s a boy named Benji!

He did it! He managed to max the fitness skill without dying! I’m so proud!

He’s still level 7 of his career though…

In case you can’t tell, our electronics have seen better days… lol

Annabelle still hasn’t gotten her last promotion. She’s been on level 9 the whole chapter. And it’s making me mad, so I’m gonna end this one here. Toodles!

Extra Bits:

This is Bryn Huckle. Aaron and Yasmin’s youngest.

Here’s Brenden Huckle. Adrian and Melisa’s son. Now Melisa’s and alien and I’m not exactly sure when it’s supposed to tell me if Brenden is a hybrid or not. It doesn’t say anything in CAS that he’s an alien, so I’m just assuming that he’s human?

This is Bobblehead and Anika’s middle kiddo, Brogan Huckle. She’s really cute! But she for SURE is getting old Bertha’s nose lol


Chapter 2.10 – Progress. Finally.

Welcome back! We pick up right where we left off from last chapter: Everyone is sad about Bertha’s death. And Bennett is venting his emotions at the bunny. Real nice, kid.

I guess it could be worst though, he could be destroying a dollhouse…

But more important than any of that, it’s Brooke’s birthday!!

And here she is! Saggy boobs and all!

And here’a close up of her. She isn’t quite as ugly as I was hoping, but she’s definitely uglier than when she was a kid.



Today’s Harvestfest, so I took sometime to do some work on Victor’s aspiration.

And it worked. We’re finally on his final tier, so we can work on that.

Should be FUN #sarcasm

How many sims does it take to potty train the toddler?

Apparently 3

Bobble Head and his wife had a baby girl! Welcome to the family, Brogan!

Bridget was left home alone. And to make sure she gets level 5 of imagination, we hired a nanny this time. And it was great because he cleaned up all her messes! Thanks Nanny Yamamoto!

Everyone came home from work and school and then it was finally time for Bridget’s birthday!

And here’s the result!

So far, she’s my favorite for heir as I think she’s the ugliest. But who knows. Someone else might surprise me lol

Our gnomes have multiplied. There’s soooooo many!

Annabelle couldn’t find her bed. Even though, it’s RIGHT there.

Hi Bertha! Please don’t break our stuff.

Spoiler: She breaks our stuff…

Abigail and Roderick had their baby! Welcome to the family, Boyd!

No. That’s not where that goes! Now pick it back up and put it where it actually belongs!! Yeesh!

Yush! Victor completed his aspiration!

Now he just needs to max his career… Which is hard to do when he only works 3 days a week.

He’s also still working on the frog collection. He’s only missing 3 now.

Annabelle on the other hand still needs one more gold date to finish her aspiration.

She also has to max her career as well. But I’m not worried about that one. She’s on level 8 already and works everyday of the week lol

She is still missing quite a few experimental food photos though. We have 5/20… So we’re going to be taking lots of trips to the restaurant lol

So we went on a date to help out!

And the damn paparazzi got in the way. Judith Ward was at the restaurant too.

This is my new favorite social interaction ever lol

And that’s both aspirations complete woohoo! We’re making progress in this chapter!

Ewwww! Food poisoning!

(Just to show you how often I got to restaurants, I had NO idea that this was even a thing lol)

Well, we reported it AND WE GOT MONEY! COOL!!

Aaron and his wife had their baby! Welcome to the family, Bryn!

Well crap. This is gonna make getting to level 10 of his career hard. Looks like we have another Bertha situation on our hands… Ugh.

And then Aaron died. Adios ugly!

Awe yeah! Level 9!

*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* Level 6

The first of the Cousins aged up! so we’re off to flag her!

And so we swung by and flagged her on our way out to eat!

*spoiler* she was already flagged. I don’t remember doing that, but that’s pretty cool lol Past me was way ahead of the game

And here’s our new restaurant! Freshly downloaded from the gallery! It’s called Bow Gen Restaurant by Daniel_SimFansDE

It’s possibly one of my favorites!

Just look at how cool it is!

Hi Bobble Head!!

Food is served!

(Pay no attention to the frank and beans made and placed there by Bobble Head’s wife…)

And we got up to thirteen photos with the help of the family! So we’re getting there. Slowly.

lol anyway, that’s it for this chapter! Join us again for probably Victor not maxing his career.

Extra Bits:

This is Brad Caliente. He’s Abigail and Roderick’s middle son. And he looks like he’s gonna take after his mother. Unlike his older brother.

And this is Brenden Huckle. Adrian and Melisa’s youngest. And I can already tell he’s getting Adrian’s nose lol

*siiiiiiiiiiiigh* This is Brittney Hager. Addison and Gianni’s daughter. And she would have been the perfect heir for this generation if she was part of the main family…

And here’s Brody Caliente. Abigail and Roderick’s oldest son. He’s fairly normal looking. Just the big mouth


Chapter 2.9 – Stuff Happens

Hello and welcome back! We start this chapter with a very pregnant Annabelle!

Wait no. She’s not pregnant. She just looks like she’s pregnant… yikes

Storms are the best because they leave me little goodies!!!

Victor on the other hand, is not such a fan of the lightning lol

New Huckle babies! Aaron and his wife Yasmin had a girl named Becky. And Bobblehead and his wife had a boy named Bertram

These two are quite the pair. A super sick granny and a super dirty toddler.

Annabelle got a promotion! Yay!

Bennett has hit the stalking part of his skill building. He’s maxed communication, movement, and potty. And thinking is currently at level 3 and imagination is at level 1

And he has 3 days before his birthday

Adrian and his wife are expecting!

And then Addison had her baby! It was a girl who we named Brenda


Aged up by grandma Bertha because her parents can’t be bothered

Awe! Look at the this cute little ugly nugget!

I gotta say, Bennett and Bridget show more ugly promise than Brooke or Brandy have!

And then it was Annabelle’s birthday!

She looks exactly the same.

Also, she growled right before I took this…

And then Victor came home with a promotion!

Bertha finally got that final promotion!

Which means she can finally die in peace and I won’t care!

Also, how am I just now realizing that her work outfit consists of a crop top??

Mother/daughter play time!

Hahahaha, Bertha got a quirk! I forgot that she had enough fame for that lol

So today is Bennett’s birthday! He has all skills mastered except imagination which is at level 3. So he’s gonna be skilling for a while so that he maxes that before he gets cake.

Bertha broke our damn computer. Jerk.

Victor: Oh my gawd, she’s so ugly

dude, she’s part you, sooooooo….

Also what’s wrong with your arm?

And with that, he’s maxed all his skills, so it’s time for a birthday!

So it’s time for cake!!

And here he is! He definitely shows the most ugly promise! I love it! The best part is that he’s got Bertha’s eyes!

I’m totally fine with this. It’s time for her to GO

Poor Bennett is having a rough time with childhood. He’ll figure it out eventually lol

Bobble head and his wife are expecting again! More mini bobble heads are on the way!

Must be a monday! Everyone’s working on their school projects!

I don’t even know who’s more in the wrong here…

I got a notification that Bertha learned the gardening skill. And I found her outside planting all the flowers that the flower bunny dropped for us.

I’m not ready for gardening, so I’m not sure how long they’re gonna last lol

Abigail and her husband are expecting again!

And then Adrian and his wife had their baby! Welcome to the family, Brenden!

Victor tries his hand at cooking. He’s terrible. But Bertha was at work and Annabelle was sleeping and Bridget needed food. So that left Victor to cook the food.

And he didn’t burn anything! So yay!

lol, whoops. My bad. Too busy skilling Bridget to remember to pay those lol

And then it happened. Buh-bye Bertha!

And we added her to the mausoleum.

And that’s it for this chapter! This one has just kinda dragged on… lol

Extra Bits:

This is Brad Caliente. Abigail and Roderick’s youngest son

This is Brenda Ka’anā’anā. Aleki and Addison’s daughter

This is Becky Huckle. Aaron and Yasmin’s daughter

And this is Bertram Huckle. Bobble Head and Anika’s son.


Chapter 2.8 – Multiplying Like Rabbits

Hello Everyone! Yeah… I know. It’s been a REALLY long time since I updated… *sigh* But in my defense, it was SimNaNoWriMo on boolprop and I needed time to prep (posting an update everyday of the month is STRESSFULL!) But we’re back and ready to rock some Huckles!

It’s gonna take me a few minutes to get myself readjusted to where we are in this save.

For instance: I had no idea Annabelle was pregnant! Yay for nooboos!

Bertha is still not at the top of her career. She only has one day of work left before she’s supposed to die. So it looks like, if she doesn’t max it then, we’ll be pleading with the grim reaper. *sigh*

Victor, on the other hand, has no problem bringing home a promotion! Thank goodness!

It was at this point that I realized/remembered that Bubba Jay had died. Damn. I miss him all over again!

Annabelle gets Brandy started on her potty skill. I forgot that I want the toddlers to max all their skills. (overachieving, I know)

And then it was baby time! Annabelle is delirious and Victor is doing the typical parent freak-out lol

We decided to have a home birth this time because Annabelle’s needs were all green except for fun which had just turned yellow when she went into labor.

And it’s a boy! Welcome to the family, Bennett!

Uhhhh… Annabelle? Let’s not suffocate the baby…

I spy a little girl who hasn’t done her homework before she goes to school. Which is in a half hour. So there’s no time to complete it now anyway.

JUST KIDDING! It’s springfest! So we can do our homework!

And just like that, everyone was married! lol (Abigail was already married)

It’s the middle of the night and little Brandy here is the only one awake. And her energy bar is full. So we’re going to be rocking that skilling while everyone is asleep!

Bubba Jay haunted last night and broke a whole bunch of our plumbing. Thanks a lot Bubba Jay…

I forgot that I needed to work on aspirations… So we sent Victor off collecting

And then Bertha came home without a promotion. So I’ve decided to give her a youth potion. I’ve thought about pleading for her life, but that doesn’t always work… So we’re gonna do this instead which will give her another 10 days to max her career.

You better not disappoint me…

We have trash plants ALL over the place in this neighborhood. It’s annoying

Aaron and Andrew and their wives are expecting kiddos!

I went through all of our frogs and we have at least one of each, so we should DEFINITELY be able to complete this collection with Victor in this generation! Woohoo! For the record, they’re in this weird configuration so that I know exactly which frogs I’m missing according to the chart on Carl’s Sims 4 site.

(Yes, I know, the spotted eggplant frog is in the wrong spot in this photo. It got moved, so don’t worry)

Bennett aged up!

He’s got his momma’s mouth, that’s for sure.

But other than that, he looks normal. But all toddlers are usually pretty cute. The child birthday is where things go awry lol

And because there’s no reason not too, we’re trying for another baby!

And we’re officially expecting! Again…

And so is Addison! So many cousins!

Brandy is making a mess. But since it increases her imagination, I don’t mind.

At least while she’s a toddler. When they’re children, it’s a no no

Abigail had her baby! Welcome to the family, Brad!

Potty training took a LOT out of Annabelle and Bennett. Poor simmies

Bertha came home without a promotion again. Just look at her face. I know she’s doing it all on purpose now. Rude

haaaaaa right after getting home she slipped in two mud puddles. I don’t even feel bad for her at this point.

This is the sign that Brandy is hard at work on her imagination skill

And it worked! Brandy is a top-notch toddler! And she still has one day before her birthday!

We have floating plates in our wall. This must be some sort of glitch since I have had this in everyone of my saves.

Miss whale is clipping through her baby belly. And she’s also squishing it. That’s not good for the baby!

We went on a date! We need one more gold date for Annabelle’s aspiration, and we’ll get some food photos while we’re here.

Aaron and his wife, Yasmin, were here too!

And the whole kitchen staff is occult sims. We have a mermaid waitress (Nalani Mahi’ai), a vampire chef (Caleb Vatore), and an alien chef (Melisa Huckle, who’s married to Adrian)

And then dinner was cut short because we went into labor. Damn.

We did stay to get the photos though lol

And we had to go to the hospital because the game wouldn’t allow us to go home to have the baby. Which was weird. So we had to interrupt Aaron’s date as well so he could deliver our baby

And we welcomed another girl into the family! (Where the hell are all these girls for my baby boom! I need them there, not here!) Anyway, everyone meet Bridget!

When we got home, we were able to put up our new photos!

Also, we only need 7 more frogs to complete that collection.

And we’ll end this chapter with a birthday!

And here she is. She gained the mean trait. Wonderful.

And here she is. I’m super upset that Brooke and Brandy are so normal looking. *sigh*

I’m gonna go cry now. See you next time…

Extra Bits:

Here’s Brea Ojo! Aaron and Miko’s daughter. She’s almost ALL Aaron, just with Miko’s mouth lol

And this is Brittney Hager, Addison and Gianni’s daughter

And this is Brody Caliente. Abigail and Roderick’s son. He’s so normal looking!


Chapter 2.7 – Spreading Positivity

Hola everyone! Yes, it’s been a while since the Huckles have been in action. But we’re back on track! To give you some sort of time-frame from when these pics were taken, we’re about to undertake the positivity challenge! You know, that thing wayyyyyy back from November? Yup, here we go!

So we invited Millie Bobby Brown over and accepted the challenge.

(I put her current aspiration on hold to get this done so that we can get those collectibles.)

Ughhhhhh. That’s a looooooot of good deeds to do. Let’s hope that Annabelle’s up for the challenge!

The first tier was easy enough to complete and we got our first poster!

The next step was to do 5 good deeds for acquaintances. This meant we actually had to leave the house to do things. Boo.

Brief intermission for a quick kiss! Gotta keep him on the leash otherwise he might run off! 😉

And it’s also his birthday. Happy adulting, Victor!

In the midst of that, Annabelle managed to complete level two!

You’ve heard the expression “When pigs fly” right, well it’s come true.

Two birds, One stone! She had work stuff to do and while we were out, we worked on the positivity challenge!

Tier complete!

Also, I need one of those in my life. Not the poster, the creature!

Another break! We need to keep this challenge moving!

And success!  Nooboo on the way!

And with this addition to Annabelle’s really small list of friends……

We’ve completed the Positivity challenge! Yippie!

So that’s two complete collections: Positivity posters and the eggs

Now, back to our regularly scheduled ugly.

Today was love day, so Bertha didn’t have to go to work. Which is really annoying. She’s still kicking it at level nine…

Brooke has one day left before her birthday. But I’m determined to get the top notch trait, so she’s working really hard. She’s not allowed to sleep

So she passes out…

Meanwhile, Brandy aged up!

And she got right down to skilling!

*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* STILL no promotion.


At least Annabelle is making me proud!

(Also, notice that Brooke is at level 4 of imagination and level 3 of thinking? yeah. That’s why she gets no sleep)

Abigail is expecting again!

Her age bar is bubbly and she still needs 1 point of imagination.

So, I’ve permitted her to make lots of messes…

And it worked! We can officially age her up! 

Made it in time that she gets the cake too! I was worried that she was gonna automatically age up in the middle of skilling and not get it. But she got to have a real birthday!

She’s like a face clone of her dad…

Although, I do see a bit of Annabelle’s cheek bones in there

And then we set her out to clean up allllllll those messes she left behind.

Chapter 2.6 – It’s The Circle Of Life

Welcome back! We begin this chapter with Bertha chained to the computer. I’m determined that she tops this damn Author career. I have NO IDEA why it’s taking her so long! I’m tempted to build her a shack and lock her in it because it’s ridiculous!

Annabelle is looking after our most recent addition, Brooke!

Remember this is an ugly generation, so we want the ugliest kid to take over!

I was looking through everyone’s career tasks and stuff (I don’t want another Bertha problem) And I set Victor to work on his logic skill. I forgot he was in the astronaut career

Bubba Jay is mostly on free will before he croaks. By mostly, I mean that I make him cook a lot so that we have lots of food in our fridge before he dies.

Annabelle got a promotion. So she’s making good progress

Baby sparkles! It’s the moment of truth!!

Pretty normal looking. Remember though, a few of the toddlers looked normal last generation too. So there’s hope.

Time for Brooke to have a sibling!

And there’s a sibling incoming!

Damn, Bubba Jay has been busy! He’s become a little juicaholic in his old age

Victor even managed to get a promotion today!

Nooooo! Not Bubba Jay! 

And he’s taken residence in the family mausoleum 😦

And then to rub salt in the wound, Grim snagged one of Bubba Jay’s last drinks

Puddle duck! I guess this means that we need to fix some things around the house

Aweeee, She looks so sad!

Brooke: I miss gwandpaw!!

Me too kid, me too

Wow, she’s clipping out the back of the chair… This is what happens when we have whales for heirs.

I rearranged some stuffs in the toddler room. Slide is inside mainly because then I can have them skill the movement without having to worry about the weather

Date night!

And we’re outside.

In the snow.

This was a bad idea.

I need a new restaurant.

She’s so big!

Also, notice that our stereo is broken? Yeah. I forgot it when we did the fixing spree. Whoops

And just like that, It’s baby time!


And it’s a girl! Welcome to the family, Brandy!

Extra Bits:

Guys. Look at this. This is Brittney Hager. Addison and Gianni’s daughter. Addison was our almost heir. And her kids is so ugly already. I’m mad that Addison wasn’t heir. lol

And here’s Brody Caliente. Abigail and Roderick’s son. He’s not quite as ugly.