Chapter 3.2 – Off To Uni!

Well Hello! Welcome back! It’s been just over a month since we last checked in with the Huckles! I’m so ready to get back to this family! We have a lot of days to play out as vampires, so I probably won’t take too many photos.

Maybe. We’ll see. I’m very trigger happy on that “c” button.

Not gonna lie, I really want to age this kid up early so we can just kick him out lol

We got our scholarship info back! Bridget nailed it! …Ezra did not… Useless

And then Bridget was accepted at both Universities! And she was accepted in every degree program except the distinguished Fine Arts degree. I’m shocked lol

So we applied to the Foxbury Institute

And we picked Biology (since she’s going to be in the Doctor profession and I want that boost lol) And she’s signed up for 4 classes.

Now I know you guys were excited to campus shenanigans… But since I’m going to have in Uni at the same time plus other sims to take care of, we’re going to stay at home.

And school costs absolutely nothing for Bridget!

And with the Athletic scholarship, Bridget was automatically accepted to the soccer team!

Ezra was also accepted into both universities, but he’s not good enough to be accepted into any of the distinguished degrees.


For Ezra’s career (criminal) we picked the University of Britechester

So he obviously picks Villainy and has a full classload as well

And like Bridget, he stays at home.

And without any scholarships, we owe 6400 for his school. And we have exactly double that (12879) in our household funds. So we’re going to pay from household funds for now.

I lied. With bills tomorrow, I decided it was better to do student loans for now.

With both of them enrolled, it was time to get started on homework!

They both have a MWF class and tomorrow is Monday. But according to the game, they don’t start classes until Tuesday. So they are doing their homework for their TuTh classes.

Not to be left out, Bryce joins in as well!

Bridget has two presentations to complete and Erza has one presentation and a term paper.

Victor is trying to kill himself before he maxes his career. Rude.

Becky and Bertram both aged up to YA, so once Ezra and Bridget finish their homework, we’ll go flag them.

Bertram first!


And then it was Becky’s turn. She wasn’t home when we stopped by, so we had to summon her through MCCC

but *flagged*

Bridget takes a nap after all the travel while Ezra gets started on him project

STILL no promotion from this guy…

Another one we have to go flag!

So we went off to their dingy small apartment and flagged her.


Bridget is working on the last presentation. The other two are at Excellent quality (the highest for presentations) (she does finish this and max the quality out shortly after this.

Ezra also finished his term paper and it’s at outstanding quality, the highest that can go.

So the term hasn’t even started yet and they’re both finished with all their projects/papers. And all their homework is done until after their first classes.

So since school is only during the week, that left the weekend free for work! So Ezra got two part time jobs for the weekend! (We need money… Our bills are over $16K every week…) So he now works as a manual laborer Saturday and Sunday mornings and a babysitter Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Bridget signed up for the same jobs. That meant that she was kicked off the soccer team, but that’s fine. I need the money more.

Aaaaaaaaand then Victor started a damn fire… Now we can afford our bills…


Abigail and Addison died… 😦

Survived the first day of classes and then had a homework session afterwards.


You can die now.


They shut off our power. On Winterfest. Rude.

What do you do when the power is out? Try out your new bat forms duh! A little bat woohoo, anyone?

I found a rocket in our family inventory that I sold, so now we can pay our bills!

…No idea what we’re going to do next monday…


Fun fact: Ezra is not Vlad’s kid.

I’m a little heartbroken now…

Ezra completed a milestone! Now we have our work cut out for us. The ‘Tamed Thirst’ power is for Grand Master Vampires (Level 5) And we’re only at the very BEGINNING of level 2… ugh.

Bridget bat-teleported herself behind the glass in the mausoleum. Dummy

The free stuff from winterfest helped with us getting money. So I’m not worried about our bills on monday anymore lol

Oh crap. That Bat woohoo has resulted in a baby bat incoming! That was sooner than I planned… Oh well! Risky woohoo strikes again!

And this seems like a good place to end this chapter! Join us next time!

Extra Bits:

This is Caleb Walsh. Brooke and Mikes son.

This is Carter Huckle. Brandy and Emerson’s son.

This is Belinda Huckle. Bobblehead and Anika’s youngest

Here’s Byron Ka’anā’anā. Addison and Aleki’s son.

And here’s his twin brother, Bijay. The youngest of that family.