Chapter 2.14 – Young Love

I’m not gonna lie, I forgot that Bridget had lost all that weight hahaha!

Victor’s daily task is to do space missions. So we had to buy a rocket to do that. Hopefully this will help with the promotion thing lol

Adrian died 😦

And then right after he died, his widow had his baby. Welcome to the family, Burke.

I dunno what Bridget’s gonna do when Bennett moves out. He’s her number one source of plasma right now lol

Rocket got finished so Victor went off on his space mission!

Since Bridget still has 7 days before her birthday we’ve been working on our relationship with Ezra Straud. I’ve decided that he’s gonna be Bridget’s spouse when she takes over lol

Bennett is in a mood. A bad one.

Also, you can see he was recently the victim of Bridget’s thirst. Maybe that’s why he’s in a bad mood.

Ezra came over! We learned that he’s a loner and a dog lover. Which are two new traits so he’s perfect.

I had to build their relationship the hard way since it was raining and we couldn’t stargaze lol

Victor is hard are work upgrading the rocket. He needs something to do since he’s out of work for the next FOUR days…

Ezra came home from school with Bridget!

Andrew died. We’re losing all the A generation 😦

Ezra and Bridget became BFFs!

It was Bennett’s birthday!


Victor is starting to lose it in his old age lol. That’s obviously not the way to cook food

I decided VERY last minute that Bridget will be going to university. And she’s a C student lol so we need to work to bring her grades up because I want her to get into the distinguished Biology degree so that we can get a leg up in the doctor career lol

Annabelle randomly took out her anger on the trash can. Damn emotion bomb quirk.

Brooke got married and is expecting! Congratulations!

Victor got a promotion! Only one more until he maxes his career!!

Bridget attacks her mother lol

Bryce finally had his birthday!

Here he is!

And here he is in CAS. I’ve gotta say, he’s looking pretty ugly!

Well that was productive…

Thanks a lot, Bubba Jay. Breaking all my plumbing. Rude

We managed to get Bridget’s grades up to an A in two days! Thank you extra credit projects!

Ezra came home with Bridget again! And we’re stepping their relationship up a notch!

Well… maybe a couple of notches.

Like all the way up to boyfriend and girlfriend!

And exchanging promise rings? I didn’t even know that was a thing! I never do teenage relationships lol

And then they did naughty stuff in the shower lol

And it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Birthday time!

So join us next time when Bridget (and Ezra) take over for the start of generation B!

Extra Bits:

This is Mick Walsh. Brooke’s new husband!

This is Byron Ka’anā’anā. Addison and Aleki’s son

And here’s Bijay Ka’anā’anā. Byron’s “twin” brother lol

And here’s Boyd Caliente. Abigail and Roderick’s youngest.

This is Brenden Huckle. Adrian and Melisa’s oldest.

And here’s his brother, Benji. No idea where the blue hair came from lol especially since he had blonde hair when he was a toddler

And here’s their youngest brother, Burke.

This is Brogan Huckle. Bobblehead and Anika’s daughter.

And here’s her younger sister, Belinda.

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