Chapter 2.12 – Oops…

Hello! Welcome back to the ugly! We start this chapter with Brooke and Bennett! Bennett is busy working out and Brooke is looking at him like he’s crazy.

Which is what I usually do when someone says they are working out.

But also, Bennett looks fabulous right here lol

Bridget has a birthday in a couple of days. Brooke ages up to a young adult soon. Like her age bar is bubbling. But I want Bridget to be a teen before I open an heir poll.

But the good news is that we are close to finishing this generation!

Going through our achievements and stuff, I’ve realized that Annabelle has not completed a skill yet. So she’s still working on handiness, which is at level 9.

Also, she becomes an elder in 2 days

Haaaaaa, Brandy is clipping through the chess board.


It’s lottery day! So both Victor and Annabelle participated. Even though we probably won’t win.

Everyone is at work or school, so Annabelle went around and was working on upgrading things again

Right now we’re upgrading our gaming system to be unbreakable

Another day passes and it’s another day that Victor doesn’t bring home a promotion. *le sigh*

Poor Bennett is sick.

Which apparently fucked up his fingers… Has anyone seen this before? I know I haven’t lol

Brooke aged up into adulthood in the bathroom. I left her to age up on her own so that there wasn’t quick as much time between her aging up and Bridget aging up.

Which worked out because the difference went from 48 hours to 24ish hours lol

Brandy is the first kid to try and do her homework with out any push from me. Which is  a shocker

Uh oh. We got the notification.

So it was time to give him the youth potion.

No dying until you top your career, buddy

We lost the lottery. Lame

Brooke ages up and has started to hit up the bar. Alcoholic.

Yay! Something happened! Annabelle topped her career! So we can check that off our list!

And age bars are close to bubbling, so it’s birthday time for Annabelle and Bridget!


I tried to get Annabelle to go first, but there wasn’t an option.

And if you read my other stories, you know I have risky woohoo turned on.

So I started to get nervous…


Oops babies are the worst.

But at least we were able to get Bridget aged up.

And here she is!

And here she is in CAS. She definitely looks a lot like Annabelle.

I honestly don’t know how y’all are gonna pick an heir lol

So it’s time for the heir poll! Go over HERE to vote!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Belinda Huckle. Andrew and Anika’s youngest

And this is Byron Ka’anā’anā. Addison and Aleki’s son

And this is his twin brother, Bijay! They’re twins but the LOOK SO DIFFERENT!! hahaha

This is Boyd Caliente. Abigail and Roderick’s youngest