Chapter 2.5 – It’s Breeding Time

Welcome back everyone! We’re starting this chapter off with Victor hard at work collecting for his aspiration. I’m not sure we’ll complete it, but we’ll try our hardest

Since I haven’t updated in a while, I hope you guys didn’t forget that we’re expecting a nooboo!

I realized that we still had low-end kitchen appliances so I fixed that. Welcome to the big leagues!

HEY! You’re expecting! You shouldn’t be drinking!

Annabelle: It’s just juice.

Hey, we allllll know what “juice” is code for. Put. It. Down.

GUYS!! Bubba Jay maxed his career! So now he’s completed his aspiration and his career! Yippie!

And I forgot to mention that Bertha maxed the parenting skill. So she’s not completely useless.

… Yeah. We don’t have that kind of money… This is what I get for buying new appliances.

She rivals Bertha is the whale factor. She’s huge

Victor got a promotion! Which is good because I need that bonus. Even though it wasn’t a lot…

As you can see, the women of this family are busy. Both of Annabelle’s sisters are expecting and Abigail even got married!

Baby incoming!

Awe! they’re holding hands! ❤


I dream of a day when we will not clip through the operating machine

Welcome to the family, Brooke!

Annabelle needed to paint a mural for one of her work tasks. And the only place it would fit was in the basement.

*sigh* I have to give her a youth potion. She’s not gonna make it to maxing her career. boooooooo

Victor did some good dad stuff and then he was off to go collecting

We took Annabelle with us. And they shared a game of chess while waiting for the collectables to spawn

I’d say we’re making some great progress with the collecting! What do you think?

Yeah. She took a youth potion. So now I’m stuck with her for another 10 days.

Extra Bits:

Here’s a child Brea Ojo! Aaron and Miko’s daughter.

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