Chapter 2.4 – Unsanctioned Actions

Welcome back! We begin this chapter with Annabelle trying to sabotage my choice for spouse. She seriously killed their friendship meter all the way to zero. But at least their romantic relationship is still intact.


I’m really worried that Bertha’s not gonna finish her career. She’s still at level 8 and she still has 8 days left and she only work 3 or 4 days in that time… We’re going to be cutting that close.

“Ahhhh. This is the good stuff”

Bubba Jay is really into his new drinking habit.

Some random townie died and she got that damn mourning moodlet. So we’re crying it out in the bathroom. I can’t have her gloomy on her date! (even though that worked for Adalind and Reese in my Drifter challenge)

Annabelle headed off to work before I could get her on the date, so I hung out with Bertha and Bubba Jay for the day. And Bertha hunted down Bubba Jay so that she could suck his face.

Annabelle came home from work and we immediately went on our date!

This has now become their table. I think I’ve only been sat somewhere else once when I came here. But at least its not outside in the elements

Oh man. This is hella awkward! And look! Masami’s pregnant!

Get it, girl!

Everyone cross your fingers!

(He looks really unsure about this)

But he said yes on the first try anyway.

And then it looked like he immediately regretted the decision.

And then I heard the wedding song playing.

I did NOT sanction this.

I was gonna plan a wedding! I never selected elope with Victor! I have no idea what’s going on!

…They got married on their own in the middle of a restaurant.

Anyway, we moved him in and gave him his makeover. He looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

Gave him a job in the Astronaut career. Because who doesn’t want to fly in a spaceship.

And then we wasted no time in getting to work on generation B!

One and done. Victor is my kind of man!

But he doesn’t look happy about the news.

“You never said anything about babies!”

“What did you think ‘Try for Baby’ was all about!?”

In other news, ANNABELLE IS ALREADY HUGE! This is literally right after she took that pregnancy test…

Forgot to mention that we have a new Decor piece added to our collection

Annabelle randomly started running on the treadmill… Who runs for fun!?

Bertha finally got a promotion. But today is saturday and she doesn’t work again until Tuesday… I don’t think we’ll make it…


10 thoughts on “Chapter 2.4 – Unsanctioned Actions

  1. Good luck getting Bertha promoted!
    I don’t think I’ve seen that reaction after a marriage proposal before! LOL. Like he just remembered that out of nowhere yell and wondered if he’d just signed up for a lifetime of it. Victor looks good after the makeover though!

    Oh, I’ve had that instant tummy happen to me too. Kept making me think they were going to have multiples.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Woooow, what got Annabelle so angry at poor Victor? lol

    But congrats on that very quick and impulsive wedding xD maybe he didn’t wanted to give her a chance to change her mind, she was a player after all xD he looks really diferent after his makeover!

    Good luck with that last promotion for Bertha!

    And again, baby season :D!!


    1. Both Annabelle and Victor have the hot headed trait, so who knows what happened 😂😂😂

      I think it was the opposite! She didnt want him to realize what a mistake it was gonna be so she pounced!



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