Chapter 2.2 – Kissing Fiend

Welcome back! We start things off with Annabelle sleeping. With her eyes slightly open. She’s just like her mom. Must be a trait of the big eyes they’ve all got

It’s Night On The Town! And I plan on taking full advantage of this holiday

After the fiasco we had with Deven last chapter, I was determined to get him as a boyfriend.

And he’s making eyes at Annabelle! This is a good sign!

Awe yeah! Killing it!

And they’re getting so many stares! Not gonna lie, I probably would too

Go Annabelle! Way to reel him in!

Adrian and Addison are having a dance party!

Bertha gives the Bobblehead some attention because lord knows I’m not gonna

Another reason not to give him attention… Stupid phase.

Adrian finally had his birthday!

And we kicked him out immediately. Bye bye

Annabelle’s still looking for one more 1st kiss.

So! Let’s go find it!

We invited Lucas Munch over since we became friends in the last chapter.

And even though they never actually made any contact, we finally got our 3rd first kiss! Milestone: check!

And Annabelle managed to get a promotion without ever leaving the house

Reeled in another one! We’re making an army here

Had to use the bubble blower for work, so we made a trip into the city!

We also had to level up our painting skill. And since we don’t have an easel at the house, we made do with a mural

Bertha is helping all the kids with their homework so that she can max out her parenting skill.

Andrew is being lazy and just watching TV

Went out for lunch with our next target! Meet Alvetta!

Haaaaa! Billie is afraid because they sat her outside in the middle of the storm lol

We got our first experimental food photo!

(I had to change the menu for the restaurant so that we could get them)

Awe yeah, Bertha! Nailed it!

As you can see Alvetta made it home with us and we snagged a kiss!

And we end the chapter with Alvetta becoming Annabelle’s girlfriend! Welcome to the army!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Aaron and Miko’s little girl, Brea! So far so good, I can’t wait to see her grow up!


2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.2 – Kissing Fiend

  1. I’ve never done the Serial romantic aspiration but it looks like a lot of fun xD Annabelle is a total heartbreaker!
    Also, it looks like that little girl got Aaron’s eyes, I hope she doesn’t get much more from him xD


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