Chapter 1.11 – Winterfest and Heir Poll

*note* This is a VERY short chapter (by my standards…) but we have a few birthdays and it’s time for the heir poll! Good luck with that guys… lol

We start this thrilling chapter off with a broken TV… Please don’t die.

It’s Winterfest! I’m determined to make sure everyone has a successful holiday… even if it kills me

But before that… we had to fix the fridge…

Family dinner! ……. at 8:30 in the morning……

Just to make sure you get to see allllllllll the glory here

Round one of the gifts! Poor Bubba Jay got shit. Literally.

Sibling bonding!

Also, Andrew is sick. At first I thought he was hot and then I was gonna yell at him for wearing his winter clothes in the house, but then I looked and it said he was sick…

Father Winter replenished our gifts! So we’re off for round 2!

Yay! Nobody got poop this time!

And of course Aaron had to break the dollhouse and upset Mr. Winter. Let’s see if it affected his gift.


Nope. No coal for Aaron. Damn

But it was time for birthdays!

Still as ugly as ever.

Andrew was next!



I’m so nervous about this… Abigail went next

Not quite as bad.

Dat nose doe

And finally, Addison.


I see Bertha’s nose was SUPER potent this generation… Yikes.

And with that… head on over HERE and vote in the heir poll!

13 thoughts on “Chapter 1.11 – Winterfest and Heir Poll

      1. Like I said 😁 a momentary evil urge 😁 but then I realised we’d have to look at that head until he died of old age… Fear is a powerful motivator lol

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hey, I found your blog yesterday and I love it. I can’t wait to see what your heir’s kids look like. I voted for Addison because the girls are identical (and the best looking imo) and you seem to prefer Addison.


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