Chapter 1.7 – Yikes

Welcome back to The Huckles! As you can see, there’s nothing really happening right now. Bertha and Bubba Jay are at work and all the toddlers are at daycare. But I has a question. Why, if all the toddlers are at daycare, does Aaron have the smelly diaper moodlet? As you can see there’s a toddler shadow there, so maybe it’s a residual smell? No idea, but it’s weird.

Annabelle is playing some chess! It looks like she’s concentrating really hard too.

Every. Single. Toddler. Is. Dirty. As. Hell.

Seriously, Bertha spent so many hours getting them all cleaned up.

GUYS! We have a new TV! You can actually see the screen!

And we got another couch! As a family of 8, more seating was necessary lol.

So I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but one of my goals for this legacy is to top every career (both branches) by generation z. But as it stands, there are currently 37 careers, including the professions from GTW, the gardening career from Seasons, and teen careers. And (as a personal rule) since only the current heir and spouse can complete them, that means there are only enough for 18.5 generations.

So to have goals for the rest of those generations, I’ve decided to also complete all the aspirations in the game as well. So these two are getting started on that. I’m not confident that they’ll finish since, with the Whiz kid aspiration that they both have, they need to read with an adult for 2 hours and Bertha and Bubba Jay are always busy with work or the toddlers. But we have plenty of time to complete them!

WHEW! That was a lot of info!

This is the downside for having the same aspiration as her brother. Arguments are an undeniable part of having siblings.

So she went to vent her frustrations on the stuffed animal…

While Aaron vents his frustrations out on the doll house. We are a violent family, obviously.

Bertha had a spare minute before passing out that she got in an hour of reading with Annabelle.

And then the watcher said, “Let there be light!” Now we can see all the ugly in all it’s glory.

Poor Adrian had a birthday. And bad watcher forgot alllllll about it.

He looks fairly normal from the front. Just really big droopy eyes.

A little less normal from the side. His forhead really protrudes.

Aaron is working on his school project.

Notice Annabelle has abandoned her project. Slacker.

That awkward moment when your toddler’s head is bigger than yours. #huckles

Bubba Jay had a birthday!

And he got a makeover!

Still ugly though.

Another bathroom! The old bathroom is now officially the master bathroom and is only accessible from the master bedroom. We also splurged and bought a nice tube for our founders. They’ve been working really hard, they deserved it.

And it’s Aaron’s birthday! (I didn’t forget this one!)

We officially have a teen in the family.

I think that’s supposed to be a sexy smirk, but it is not a good look for him…


Aaron: Hey!

Sorry, but it’s true.


Aaron: *glares*

And that’s it for this chapter! I don’t want to break your computer screens with too much ugly at once! See you next time!